We created Flavored by Flame, a series of recipe preparation videos, commercials, and social graphic ads, for TECO Peoples Gas and in an effort to promote cooking with Natural Gas by Florida Residents.

Each video demonstrates the benefits of cooking with a real gas flame and why it’s the superior method to preparing meals both quickly and properly. We share unique, Florida-themed recipes that are simple to make in the comfort of a home kitchen.


Video Production

A great meal requires two things, great ingredients and proper preparation. To create the Flavored by Flame series, we hired a local culinary influencer to share some of his favorite homemade recipes cooking with natural gas with the users at home.

In addition to the homemade recipe videos, we produced a commercial spot to promote entire Flavored By Flame series with the intention to drive people to the People’s Gas Cooking website.


To promote the Flavored by Flame series and generate web traffic to the Peoples Gas cooking website we developed, we created a variety of digital ads to be distributed on Peoples Gas social media channels.

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