Professional Video Production Company in Tampa

If you are looking for a video production company in Tampa, our video team at Farmore Marketing is ready to bring your vision to life. Together we can share your story through artistically created, watchable, and shareable video content. We are constantly honing our craft, pushing our abilities, and applying our years of research, practice, and experience to create unique videos for you that capture attention and carry your message.

Our Work

 Our Video Production Process

We stand by our belief that the process of working together is equal to the work we produce together. In every successful relationship, communication is key. That’s why we define terms, goals, and timelines, for your video production project, from initial discovery to final cut.


We begin each project with collaboration. Together we develop the concept for your video and create the plan to execute. From scripts and shot lists, to scheduling and scouting, we plan out every detail of your video production.


Time to begin creating your video. Production is very exciting, but even the best laid plans still need excellent execution. Our professional video production team has all of the necessary equipment and training to make sure that filming goes smoothly and according to plan.

Post Production

This is where the real magic happens. Now that we have all of the footage and assets, we can bring your vision to life with color, music, graphics, and timing to create a video that is professional, beautiful, and powerful.


 Video Production Services Offered

Videos are one of marketing’s most powerful tools. From brand to promotional video production, videos are the easiest way to highlight your products, services, message, or brand identity in a short amount of time.  Using videos on your website or as a marketing tool on social media is a proven way to promote your business, enhance user experience, and grow your presence on search engines such as Google.

There are many types of video, and reasons for making them. We’re experienced in producing a wide variety of videos for our clients including:

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