Search Engine Marketing

You must know the question

to be the answer

With search engine marketing, you have the opportunity to take control of the results. You provide the answers your audiences need, better yet, you’re showing them that you are the solution to their problem.

Cooperative efforts between our Tampa SEO company & PPC management, through research and proper maintenance, lead to the best results.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People search because they want to find. Successful SEO efforts improve the communication between search engines and websites.

Our Tampa SEO company optimizes content, both copy and design, strategically so people can find you quicker. It’s more than just keyword research, it’s bringing your original thoughts to the world, and ultimately getting you results.

Through our experience, we’ve been immersed in various industries. This has elevated our skillset to maintain outside perspectives while funneling the attention of any given audience.

Our SEO Services Include:

On Page SEO

Optimizing individual pages to rank higher on search engines leads to more relevant traffic. Our process includes both content and HTML source code to ensure search engines can easily find your pages.

SEO Keyword Strategy

Keyword research is just the first step. Our team has gone through extensive SEO training allowing us to have generated a thorough process to provide the best keywords for your website’s pages.


SEO Content Strategy

From copy-writing to identifying opportunities, regular upkeep and maintenance of current content, SEO content strategies range greatly. Our team develops the best strategy with your business goals in mind to ensure the best results and continued growth.

Local SEO

Utilizing local aspects of your business allows your business to rank higher in search engine carousels when people in your area search for services your business provides. We work with factors like addresses and customer reviews to greatly improve your ranking.


Quality Link Building

Finding opportunities to increase your number of quality link building is a valuable way to improve your site’s credibility, making it more appealing to search engines and users. Our team works to create advisable strategies that work within your relevant industry to find prospects and ultimately successful link building.

SEO Reporting

We utilize SEO reporting to focus on key elements to show the value from your organic and paid SEO efforts. From report summaries to individual page reports, and even month-over-month growth with suggested ideas, we ensure you have everything you need to understand how we are improving your site. 


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Proper research means better execution.  By knowing your audience, your market, and your industry, you can successfully plan your budget.

Targeting potential customers through PPC can drive new business quickly. We like to think of PPC as Pay Per Action, as we take the time to ensure your content is published with a purpose.

Thinking like your audience means reaching your audience when they need you the most. PPC is reaching people you normally may not with organic digital efforts.


Our PPC Services Include:


PPC Auditing

Our team takes the time to look into your PPC account to determine areas that can be improved or need additional attention. We periodically perform audits to ensure our efforts are working, and to gain the knowledge we need to make necessary adjustments.

Strategy Development

Keyword research allows us to select the best keywords that will result in clicks and conversions. Our team uses a variety of tools and programs to do in depth research within your industry and among your competitors to find the best keywords and ultimately ROI.


Ad Text Copy Writing

While keyword research is a vital part of PPC, our team works to incorporate selected keywords in a way that users will actually want to read, resulting in more clicks and conversions.

Display Ad Design

Our graphic design team blends your brand’s style with the goals of your ads and your target audience, drawing more attention to your ads. The more your ad is noticed, the more people will click and convert.


Cost-Per-Click Optimization

We base our decisions on a combination of data, creativity, and experience. Our first step is to understand your goals, whether it’s to increase sales, get more leads, or even increase newsletter signups. Then we analyze what potential customers are searching for and choose what keywords to target that lead to the highest conversion rate.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Our vast experience and expertise in the industry has taught us to believe conclusions derived from data leads to the best results. Our online marketing experts perform tests on your landing pages to analyze the best options for your website.


Read our latest case study.


Helicon was looking to boost their online presence. They started with a new website, a variety of digital marketing services, and video production. Learn how our strategies and efforts lead to a doubled click-through-rate, a 223% engagement increase, and much more!  

Helicon Marketing Case Study

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