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Moving Upward: College Hunks
Hauling Junk & Moving

College Hunks is a national junk removal and moving franchise that is headquartered right here in Tampa, FL. To put it simply, they help people get rid of their unwanted items as well as help people move from point A to point B. That is just at the surface level. For College Hunks it is about making people’s lives better by making a positive experience with their team members on a daily basis.

How It All Started

The company started when Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman were in college and wanted to make some extra money during the summer before their senior year. Omar’s mother owned a cargo van and the guys went around putting flyers in mailboxes that read “College Hunks Hauling Junk”. They started to see some success in their idea. That was when the light bulb went off for them that there was a different path to success than the traditional go to college, get good grades, and get a job after graduating. Omar and Nick went back to school senior year and entered and won a business plan competition, which gave Nick and Omar a lot more confidence in the idea of starting their own business. 

Once they graduated, Nick and Omar put that business plan into action. They were passionate about the idea and so they went all in. Starting off, Nick and Omar were doing all the work themselves including driving the truck, answering phone calls and removing the junk. Eventually they started working on the business instead of in the business and were able to build it into the successful company it is today. College Hunks Hauling Junk has grown to over 100 franchised locations across the US and Canada.

What Separates College Hunks From the Rest?

Omar and Nick didn’t grow up saying to themselves that they wanted to be junk haulers. They realized there was a need for it and they enjoyed the work. What they enjoyed most was seeing the impact they had on their customer’s lives. Nick and Omar admit that they didn't reinvent the wheel. They took something that has been around for hundreds of years and put a fresh spin on it with a creative brand, a focus on company culture, and an excellent customer experience. 

College Hunks is set apart from other junk removal services for many reasons. Their name and branding stands out in a crowded industry that has been the same way for a long time.

They put a huge emphasis on the service experience. When people call College Hunks, they are usually stressed out while dealing with a life event. The company realizes they have a great opportunity to make a positive impact in their client’s lives and remove their stress. 

Another huge factor is their team member/employee empowerment. They don’t hire career movers and haulers. They are building the leaders of tomorrow. One of their core values is building leaders, and they believe that hiring leaders is pivotal to the success of the company.

Company Purpose

Their company purpose is to “Move the World”.  Not just because they are literally a moving company, but College Hunks wants to make a positive emotional impact on the people they deal with on a daily basis. The company also wants to provide a moving experience for their employees and their franchise owners with a viable business opportunity. They live this purpose through their core values…

  • Building leaders
  • Always branding
  • Listen to fulfill and delight
  • Creating a fun and enthusiastic team environment

Being in a junk industry, they understand how important customer service and the client experience is to their success. They realize the importance of their reputation in the business world. To provide the best possible client experience, they focus on training their front-line team members on how to interact with customers. 

College Hunks has created an environment that empowers their team members. They want their members to be able to learn, grow, and get better to challenge themselves. It leads to the loyalty, hard work, and dedication, that is needed to achieve their company vision. 

Community Engagement

College Hunks' engagement in the community is vital to the success and growth of the business. They have become ingrained in the charitable pick up process for many non-profit organizations that rely on donations. It was a natural fit. They realize there are a lot of things that people get rid of that have second-use value. College Hunks has formed successful partnerships that benefit their clients, the environment, and the non-profits they work with.

Some of their biggest charitable acts are done with the non-profits in the area. College Hunks has partnered with Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity, to transport donations to these charitable donation locations.

College Hunks lives their purpose of moving the world through their charitable engagement and community support. They don't just want to be a successful business, they want to be a significant business. 

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