The Objective

Helicon was looking to upgrade their online presence to make their website and online marketing channels more attractive and user friendly for their customers.  Looking to educate customers and the addition of new service lines, Farmore Marketing provided a new website design and upgrade to their online marketing presence.



As the premier geotech construction company throughout Florida for over a decade, Helicon prides itself on providing high quality service, both for insurance companies and private customers. Helicon always strives to exceed expectations. 

Helicon has successfully completed hundreds of remediation projects in the Tampa Bay metropolitan area, including the surrounding counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Polk, Citrus, and Marion counties. 

Our Solutions

Website DeSIGN

We wanted to increase a few metrics for Helicon: increase conversions, highlight the service lines, and optimize ease of navigation. In an effort to better inform our strategy for the redesign, we performed a site audit that combined insights from other service related commerce platforms. We then translated these stats into actionable next steps. This created a solid foundation that we used to solve the initial concerns.  We also designed a website that was mobile friendly to the user as well.

VIDEO Production

Knowing that audiences relate more to video, and retain more information from a video, Farmore Marketing created a suite of videos for Helicon; including customer testimonials, service videos, events and project updates, and a brand film. Our Tampa video production for Helicon has been a cornerstone of their marketing.

Social media creation & management

Through the creation of content for social media, we maintained Helicon's message throughout various social channels. Some of our primary social goals included:

  • Be friendly without being overly enthusiastic

  • Remain concise without losing personality

  • Use expertise to instill confidence

Google Adwords Campaigns

The goal of creating Adwords campaigns for Helicon was to educate a targeted audience about Helicon's various services.  We generated ads for each service line and developed a display campaign to educate people on pre-construction services. 

The Results


By implementing these solutions in strategic ways simultaneously, we saw significant increases across all of Helicon's digital channels. We also saw a 16% increase in conversions, using only half of the budget that they had used last year. When it comes to digital marketing, it's more than just how much you spend, it's allocating your resources and using your tools to create the best content and distribute it in the best ways. 


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