Essential Elements to Grow Your Brand

Essential Elements to Grow Your Brand

If you’re a business experiencing positive growth, you’ve probably already employed the following components. But have you measured how effectively they can separate your brand from the industry?

Ensuring that your company’s logo design, brand guide, website, and customer testimonials are functioning as highly effective brand metrics is a critical action step for your brand to continue experiencing positive growth.


When you see a green sea goddess, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? What about a golden arched M? Or a black swoosh check mark? A brand’s logo is the powerful emblem that visually represents the brand and what it can offer the customer. No matter what line of work you or your business is in, a strong logo is vital to burning your company image in the customer’s mind.

Logos are not designed to be frequently replaced. Instead, a great logo is designed to function for the long haul. Of course with any brand design, logos should be touched up now and again, but as the single most recognizable symbol representing your company, building your logo to last is your best bet.

Not only does your logo function as the face of your brand that will be seen everywhere your brand is, but it also brings your brand's unique story to life. Designing a unique, creative and sustainable logo is a crucial component to help your business thrive in the future as it grows in the present.

Brand Guide

Brand guides are a great branding tool to help illustrate why your company exists. Brand guides, which can be useful for both internal and external use, paint a picture of who you are, what you value, and the utilities you can offer your customers.

What makes brand guides unique is the amount of creative freedom they offer. Because a brand guide can serve as both a reminder of your company’s vision and values (internal) and how you operate and serve your customers (external), there is a lot of space for creativity, both in the design and delivery of the message. A brand guide can function as a guiding compass for a business of any size and allows you to go back to the roots of your company and remember your “why.”

Optimized Website

It goes without saying that having a clean, visually appealing and efficiently functioning website is a must-have in the modern-day business climate. Why? The world is digital and will become even more digital in future years.

To some capacity, mobile usage in digital operations and workflows are the future of most industries. The world is already digital and is heading in the mobile direction at a rapid pace. Your website needs to be designed uniquely (to capture the viewer), with high functionality (to keep the attention from even those with short attention spans) and a mobile-first orientation.

Having an optimized website will go a long way to ingraining trust and confidence in your customers. It will also allow viewers to “know you before they know you” and decide if working with you would be a good fit. Utilizing proper SEO tactics will drive people to your site as well, because what’s the point of having a great site if nobody knows to visit it? That’s why these branding components don’t exist in a silo. When put together, they help compose your brand strategy.

Customer Testimonials

Getting feedback and positive reviews from your customers is an effective measure to establish trust in potential clients and increase industry credibility for your business. From the outside looking in, wouldn’t it be more comforting to work with someone who has a few 5-star reviews rather than a company without any credible reviews?

While quantitative reviews are a step in the right direction, qualitative customer testimonials can be much more powerful. It allows potential customers a chance to read about the experiences of others who partnered with your company. At one point, the customers who wrote a testimonial were in the same seat as those considering whether or not they want to work with you. Testimonials add another layer of transparency and insight.

Staying true to your brand’s unique story and what you can bring to the table is really the best marketing strategy, but these four tactics are essential components to building your brand exponentially.

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