Why You Should Take Behind the Scenes Photos

Why You Should Take Behind the Scenes Photos

Behind the scenes (BTS) photos can serve multiple purposes for your company. Not only can you showcase your work from a different perspective, you can also show your audiences the more personal side of things. Document your process and capture the people behind the cameras; read on to see why we take BTS photos. 

Documenting Your Process


Documenting your business' internal process is important as it serves to be a reminder of how things work. For example, you could take a photos to help you remember how to set up certain lighting or to showcase how you were able to do something. These kinds of photos can serve as educational content, both for your team and for your audiences. Your followers might be interested to know how your team set a certain project up and BTS photos can help you document your workflow.

Differing Perspectives


Sharing BTS shots on your social platforms is a great way to showcase a projects entire process, from start to finish. You can show the initial stages of your current projects to engage with people and to show off some of your work. There’s something satisfying about seeing other people’s processes; seeing the little moments in-between projects that really make the work stand out. You also get to show your audience your struggles and setbacks and could serve as a way to educate them so they don’t make the same errors. Showing before, during, and the finished products can be a great way to entice your audience with photos from every stage of the process. 

All Hands on Set


Being well-versed in a few different realms can be invaluable, especially in smaller agencies like ours. Wearing a few different hats is how we’re able to churn out work and see projects from start to finish. Having a team member take behind the scenes photos can be a great way to introduce someone to the realm of production, whether or not the project is production-related. Enlisting someone to take BTS photos is also a great way to ensure you have an extra pair of hands on set as a stand-in production assistant in case you ever need help. 

Show Some Personality


Show off the people behind the cameras and computers. They’re talented people that help humanize the company. Showing off your crew is a great way to resonate with your audience. People can relate with other people and BTS shots help showcase that relationship. As an added bonus, potential clients can see the people and processes your business has to offer and can help solidify their choice to employ your services. In addition to bringing a human element to some of your photos, BTS shots can help bring your team together as well. There are definitely some work intensive moments when you're on set, but having someone capture those little moments in between can really give everyone a sense of comradery. 

Snapping some BTS shots can offer some great opportunities for you and your team to showcase a little more of what they do, rather than just putting out a final product. These photos are great for documentation, training, and bringing your team a little closer. So if you don't already, consider having someone take some behind the scenes photos on your next shoot. 

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