Why Spray & Pray Marketing Doesn't Work

Why Spray & Pray Marketing Doesn't Work

What is Spray & Pray Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, every single thing that you do to generate leads should have a purpose. Without a purpose, you can end up with an advertising campaign that hits the market but doesn't have any real impact.

We call this "spray-and-pray" marketing - advertising your business anywhere and everywhere, hoping that people will notice you, praying your hard work pays off.

While using this method, you will do a ton of things because you think you need to be doing them. You'll get on Facebook, start a YouTube channel, host a podcast, and maybe even write some blog posts to send out some direct mailers. Persuing all of these outlets can generate solid leads for your business, but if you don't know why you're doing them, they are just random activities.

Then you sit back and wait, hoping that someone will notice and take action.

Most often what happens is that recipients toss a direct mailer in the recycle bin, ignore the ad or delete the e-mail without even giving it a read.

Unless your content is consciously linked to your end goal, it will simply exhaust you and your physical resources, like your energy and time. Some of it will exhaust your money as well because it costs money to apply.

Why Doesn’t It Work?


It’s the easy way out

People use spray and pray marketing because sending out generic, untargeted content/advertising is quicker and easier than sending out quality, well-targeted pieces. A focused approach takes time, effort, research, and sometimes risk as well. But it’s worth the investment, and will probably yield better returns.

When you start to widen your market, it is easy to lose your focus, your specialty and your ability to compete with other businesses.

The more focused you are in who you want to attract and the more targeted your marketing is, the more successful you will be in winning more clients and customers.

Brand overexposure

Brand over-exposure can also happen if you are targeting people who are not interested in your products or service. This can lead to a negative reaction or to your audience ignoring the content you put out. In a world where people visit digital channels for a good portion of their day, you need to be careful not to overwhelm your audience.

Also, it’ll drown out the message you do actually want to reach your audience. This is especially true with social media, where what we say can so easily get lost in waves of digital white noise.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again

When people don’t see the results they want, a common reaction is to try, try, and try again. There’s a difference between being tenacious and being overbearing, where you think that doing the same thing over and over again is going to give you different results. If something is broken, invest time and energy into finding out why it’s not working and how you can change this.

How To Improve Scheduling Your Content & Campaigns

The opportunities to directly reach your target audience significantly increase when you use the right marketing channels for your business. Marketers do not have to guess what ads led to conversions or which ones did not prove the ROI of their efforts.

With advanced conversion tracking features offered in various online advertising platforms and the ability to track and monitor leads as they travel through your sales cycle in CRMs and marketing automation tools, you can adjust your efforts based on the most effective marketing channels.

Here are some online advertising solutions that offer conversion tracking features:

• Google AdWords and Bing Ads (Online Ads)

• Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (Social Media Ads)

• Perfect Audience and AdRoll (Retargeting)

Here are some additional tips on how to find and grow an audience on social media:


No, you don’t have to be on every social network. Find out which networks your audience uses and go there. Survey your customers, look at industry research, review Google Analytics or use tools like Mailchimp to learn more about your audience and discover where they spend time. Your efforts will be far more focused and effective this way.


Sure, numbers are good. But, relationships are better. Take the time to get to know the people you’re connecting with on your campaigns and social networks. Ask a question or use a survey and get to know your audience. Not only will this help you build more valuable connections, it will help give you some insight into your target audience.


The reason online marketing channels are such powerful tools is that they give you direct access to your audience. You can see what they value, understand their point of view and respond to their questions. Taking the time to actually listen to your audience and respond with useful information will put you head and shoulders above the competition.


If you take the time to find and understand your audience, you should be able to easily share content that people want to read. Yes, some of that content can and should be yours, but don’t forget to share other information too.

Spray and pray marketing techniques are no longer helpful for many businesses as most people prefer personalization and more direct information. Shift your efforts to not only be something that the viewer will see, through your content efforts, but also something that resonates with them in a more personal way to make them want to engage with it. Marketers must stop relying on spray and pray marketing tactics and transition to highly-targeted, focused campaigns.

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