Why Print Media Is Still Important to Your Marketing Plan

Why Print Media Is Still Important to Your Marketing Plan

In today’s marketing world, web is the most effective solution for efficiently getting a message out to the masses. But still, nothing quite measures up to the tangible and personal experience of holding and reading well-executed printed work.  When you use your digital and print marketing campaigns to complement each other, both you and your target audience member’s benefit. When it comes to designing a marketing strategy, print and digital advertisements each play different but crucial roles. In particular, here are some ways printed materials can influence your target audience. 

Brand Reputation and Credibility

Print offers credibility and legitimacy that digital can’t compete with. The presence of print helps solidify your brand values. Print is excellent for straightening a brand image or logo that you want to stick in the mind of a potential customer. 

On top of this, a well-designed, informative printed material gives a sense of legitimacy to readers with the sheer amount of spammy websites on the internet.  We distrust much of the internet as we don’t know what is behind the webpage, which can be overwhelming and the fear of spam and viruses is enough to make people weary of clicking.  There is no imminent danger of this in a print ad. Therefore we tend to purchase from websites that we know are genuine trustworthy businesses and print media reinforces that mindset and improves your brand trust level.

Print Media is Tangible


Printed pieces can stay in a consumer’s possession for extended periods of time – especially with things like brochures & magazines. It will not just disappear at the click of a mouse. It will likely get more of a glance over because of its physical presence. Studies have shown that advertising effectiveness will increase by 70 percent when brands appeal to more than three senses. Being able to have the piece in one’s hand makes the content more real and present.

Reach a Wide Audience

High quality printing maximizes exposure and creates a lasting impact. Your customer can interact with print whenever they want, and at a time that suits them. Material can also be passed on to someone else who may be interested in your services, or picked up from a desk where it has been sitting for a while. Print marketing generates up a genuine interest in your company without using disruptive techniques.

Stand Out From Competitors

Since the majority of people have started promoting their businesses through digital means rather than traditional, print media could help you to stand out from the crowd!  There is a huge gap in the number of businesses physically sending out printed marketing materials (i.e. folded leaflets to potential clients). As a result, it is the perfect time to take advantage of the void by sending printed flyers and leaflets or targeting customers with brochure printing, which will prove to be a sure fire way to stand out from the crowd.

Most Popular Forms of Printed Media

  • Business Cards – a staple of any professional business, there’s something aesthetically pleasing about them. Having a proper business card is a convenient and easy way to spread your name around. By having a physical representation of your business that fits easily in peoples’ wallets and purses, they are more likely to remember you and could pass this on to others.
  • Brochures – a guide to your business and its success can be placed in other stores to again spread your name about. This can also improve your professional image as you can offer a large amount of information in an easy to understand and eye-catching form.
  • Banners – these types of signage are a great way to promote your business. They can easily be placed in many different places and can be an effective way to advertise events and announcements.
  • Posters – similar to banners, these are another versatile method of promoting your brand.  The larger they are the more noticeable, but it can be the smaller sized posters that can help increase awareness of your company. By placing them in places where there are large volumes of people traffic, so long as they are eye-catching, they will leave an impression on the passers-by.

Farmore Marketing Graphic Design Services:

Our experience ranges from high-end and unusual materials and printing processes to short digital runs. With a team of talented designers and good relationships with our printers, we consistently deliver quality printed work.

  • Stationery Packages – business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders, note pads
  • Direct Mail – postcards, brochures
  • Books – catalogs, annual reports
  • Advertising – magazine ads, billboards, posters
  • Environmental – tradeshow graphics, signage

As you consider your annual marketing budget, don’t forget about the power of the printed word. It is partly dependent on the type of business and the market that your business operates in, however you should undoubtedly be taking advantage of both Print and Digital media for marketing success.  To get an analysis of your businesses printed needs and make a mark with print advertising, contact Farmore Marketing.

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