Why Business Cards Still Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter

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After you have had a conversation with someone who is interested in you and your company, a business card exchange usually takes place.  As technology continues to improve, making paper nearly irrelevant, there still has yet to be an invention that beats the simple, quick effectiveness of taking a card out of your pocket and handing it to a new contact. 

However, simply having a card is not enough.  Business cards have the potential for personal connections to turn into leads.  Here are a few reasons why business cards are still important and why you should always carry a few of them on you at all times.

Business cards make a great first impression

Handing out a business card when you meet a new person for the first time can make a good impression. As part of your introduction, give the person an attractive business card containing all-important information about you: your name, contact number, email address, website, expertise or services offered, and office address.

When a person hands you a business card, it gives you a perception of the business itself.  Your business card should match your website, office and marketing materials. It’s important to use similar colors and the right tone.

Don’t go overboard. You don’t have to go over the top to represent your brand. When getting creative with your business card, make sure it’s a good fit for you. What works for one business might not work for yours. Differentiate your brand through thickness of paper stock, its design and finishes.

Business cards show you are professional

Have you ever had someone write his or her contact information on a napkin? How about someone that had a mobile phone with a dead battery? It isn’t the most professional approach.

Sharing a business card with someone you have just met is a great way to break the ice. By ensuring you have an ample supply with you, you show that you care enough about yourself to leave a physical way for others to be able to reach you in the future.

Today’s professionals are overwhelmed with emails and requests. Let your business card be a creative reminder. When you are meeting in person, networking with business cards is an easy and affordable approach to reconnecting in the future after your initial meeting.

Business cards create a personal connection

No matter how easy it may be to connect with people through the Internet, it’s simply no match for being able connect with somebody face-to-face and hand them something tangible.  Engaging in eye contact and actual conversation is how real relationships begin. It opens discussion, invites communication and initiates conversation.  Remember, you can easily transfer the information from a business card to your mobile device after the conversation with a variety of apps available. 

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The business card is not going away anymore than the handshake is. There may be less “in person” opportunities to actually shake hands these days––but when you get together with someone you should shake hands and have a business card ready to give out.

How do people remember your name, find your URL or look you up on LinkedIn? Business cards are easy to scan, they use very little paper, and they are cheaper than ever to print. Business cards offer you an opportunity to share your contact information and make a visual impression with imagery, colors and messaging that defines who you are in a quick manner.  If you are looking to redesign your company's business cards, our Tampa marketing agency is here to help!  Contact us to get the process started!

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