What Has Facebook Done For You Lately?

I don’t know what prioritization you’ve given Facebook in your 2015 marketing strategy, but on ours it comes dead last. We’ve realized Facebook’s true value to us, and others are realizing it too. Before you decide to spend a significant amount of money—and time—on Facebook, take a good hard look at some Facebook facts.


Facebook has no ROI

“Facebook drives so much traffic to my website,” you might say. Pffffffttttt. In a best case scenario, traffic from social media counts for 20% of your traffic. And it’s even less likely that those likes will convert. Custora found that social media made up only 1% of online retail sales in 2014. Look at your analytics and see what’s true of your traffic. And stop listening to social media marketers who claim you’re just not doing it right.

Facebook is a holiday party

Why is ROI so low for a site that has over a billion users? Social media is often compared to a party. If LinkedIn is a networking event, Facebook is a holiday party. “No one wants to hang around at a party where the host gets up in front of everyone and talks about himself the whole time,” Kim Lachance Shandrow writes. You wouldn’t setup a sales booth at a holiday party, and you don’t login to Facebook to go shopping. 

Facebook likes do not equal dollar signs, and they never will.

Whether you love Facebook or hate it, it’s not the best place for you to be spending your money or your time. If you have a social media budget, focus on avenues that will be better suited for your business. Do you run a cupcake shop? Instagram would be perfect. Sell dresses? Pinterest. But for goodness’ sake, don’t buy Facebook likes. 


What about you? Do you still use Facebook? Do you think it has lost its value as a marketing tool? Do you think it will be gone in five years?

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I'm Autumn Nicholson, Director of Internet Marketing. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and took the first editing job I could find, at a marketing company in South Carolina. I joined Farmore Marketing in 2014 to put my internet marketing experience to good use—and to spend more time on the beach. I invest much of my time volunteering for nonprofits, reading, and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. You can connect with me here:


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