Video Marketing: The Science of the Art


Video marketing affects decision making

Marketing and advertisements are built around one thing: return on investment. We're all looking to make a sale. Because of this end goal, the primary purpose of marketing is to affect the decision of a consumer.

To influence a consumer's decision, we must first realize how consumers make decisions. Now it's true that there may be multiple factors used to make decisions, but two things affect all decision-making:

emotion and logic

Debate after debate focuses on whether emotion or logic is more important, but all end up concluding that everyone is different, and every decision is different. The weight of the factors can change depending on the nature of the decision.

Using emotion and logic in marketing

We all use logic and emotion to make decisions, but how can we as marketers affect emotion and logic? By presenting them with information in the right way. Stellar content is no good if no one wants to hear/see it or can't remember it.

So how can we provide consumers with information they want to hear and are likely to recall? Well, the more senses that are affected during an event, the more likely we are to remember that event. The key to providing memorable information is to stimulate the highest number of senses possible.

What type of advertisement will stimulate the highest number of senses?


The most compelling form of advertising is video. It stimulates more senses than other forms of advertising, making consumers more likely to recall the information. And if it's information they like, that's one more person you've helped--and one more sale for your company. Don't overlook the power of video in your marketing strategy.

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