10 Video Pre-Production Questions

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At Farmore, we love making amazing videos that showcase your company or event. If you’ve never worked with us—or even if you have—you may not know how to prepare for an upcoming shoot. We’ve compiled a list of things for you to consider before meeting with us, because we’re going to ask.

1.    What’s your video’s objective?

Planning is vital to a video’s success, so thinking about what you want your video to accomplish is important. If you can’t clearly state your video’s objective, the time and money you spend on video production will be a waste. Think about what action you want your audience to take once they’re done watching your video.

2.    Who is your target audience?

Video communicates a message to a specific audience, and how this is done greatly depends on who you want to target. Age, gender, income—define what factors you can before you talk to us. Consider what your audience cares about and how your product can speak to these concerns. During editing, we’ll tailor the video based on your response. 

3.    How do you plan to distribute your video?

Distribution is also a factor to consider before production. How, where, and when your viewers will be watching the video can contribute to many production factors. 

4.    What’s your concept?

Although similar, this one isn’t the same as the objective. What ideas do you have for your video? What’s the big idea? This may be the most fun part of the checklist. Brainstorm with colleagues and listen to their suggestions. Remember you want a video people want to watch, not just one you like. 

5.    What’s your budget?

Sure, your CEO climbing the Eiffel Tower in a gorilla costume would make a great video, but that’s probably going to cost more than you can afford (and who knows how many Frenchmen you’ll have to pay off for that to happen). Knowing your budget beforehand can help decide what production elements can be included or left out. We recommend finding a video you like that’s similar to your concept and asking us how much it would cost to make something similar.

6.    Do you need approval from a supervisor or interested party before you begin production?

This question is even more applicable if your company is large. Make sure you have autonomy or that the interested parties are kept informed of your decisions. We don’t want you to get in trouble for not including an element your boss really wanted to see in the video. 

7.    How long do you want your video to be?

This question is directly related to your target audience and your objective. Unless you’re creating training videos or product demonstrations, it’s a good rule of thumb that shorter is better because attention spans wane. Think about how long you need to get to the point of your video.

8.    Are there any special effects you’d like to see in your video?

Do you know for sure you want drone coverage or slow motion? Let us know. Of course, we’ll make creative recommendations based on our expertise, but we want to know up front if there’s something special you’re looking for.

9.    Who will be involved in the video production?

We need to know who to expect on set. Make sure you let them know, too—especially if they’re in the video—and don’t take for granted that they’ll be available.

10.    What are the scheduling details?

Think about where and when you’d like us to shoot. If you have a timeframe in mind for when you’d like the video to be done, let us know because that may impact our production date. If it’ll be outdoors, think about a weather contingency plan. Will we need permits or special insurance? Is parking a factor? Consider scheduling details before you meet with us.

We want to make your life as efficient as possible, so we've compiled this list into a quick and easy checklist. 

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