Trends: Jump On The Bandwagon?

Trends: Jump On The Bandwagon?

Trends are a general line of thinking by a population or culture of people, and a few questions arise when discussing this topic. Do we follow these movements in thought? Implement them into our ways of thinking? Apply them to our work? These are some tough questions to answer, but ones we should consider thinking about when crafting or creating anything. To answer some of those burning questions, we’ve come up with a list of things to keep in mind when using specific trends made popular by the masses:

Leading Vs. Following Trends

Leading trends are necessary because as technology changes, we have to adjust to what is in demand from our customers or clients. Sometimes, we don’t realize that even the smallest things were leading trends at one point in time, like the horizontal bars for the pause button was a trending design. “If you were to replace it with a circle or an octagon, users would be confused, and it wouldn’t be a very functional or effective design choice. This demonstrates the power of trends and their necessity in some forms of design.”

This statement also goes for following trends. If most people didn’t follow the trend of the horizontal bars for the pause button, the end user would be lost and confused. So, sometimes, following trends become necessary for the client’s end user.

Keep the client in mind

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At the end of the day, it comes down to how it works for your client and their consumers. If a trend fits in the creative and the client or consumer is asking for it, you may want to think about adding it to your work. As a creative agency, our end goal is to continuously create great work for our clients. We want to create work that lasts for years and years, and what the client keeps referring back to. So, in a nutshell, it’s more about the client and less about the creative ego. Create things because it benefits your client and allows you to share usable great work.

Don’t Let Trends Be Your Identifier

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If it’s one thing you learn about trends, it’s that they are ever changing. At Farmore, we have our own unique style and voice that sets us apart from other creative agencies. It’s not “hip”, it’s us – and the unique style that we have as a creative agency sets us apart from other creative agencies. That is an identifier. If you are known for adding the current trends to your creative, year after year, then you may have the “trendy” identifier. It’s okay to apply trends, when needed, but when you jump from trend to trend it becomes who you are – or known as your identifier and you lose what makes you different from other people.

Always be on the lookout for the newest trends

It never hurts to look at what’s trending, just don’t let it take over your style of creative. As a creative agency, we have to keep up with what’s out there and use that knowledge to our advantage. Sometimes, we take those “trendy” creative pieces and add it to what we are creating within our work – therefore, re-inventing the trends that was seen prior. As Tobias from VanSchneider states, “The best part about design trends is that you can easily spot them. You can learn about them, then you can break and remix them in your own work.” It’s great to always be on the lookout for what potential clients or consumers may like for future reference.

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