Tips for Fresh Blog Content

Tips for Fresh Blog Content

When you first started your blog you were excited. You thought of several topics you could write about. You made a list of blog posts. You wrote the first few weeks and loved it, watching your traffic eagerly, monitoring for comments. The next few weeks were not as exciting. And then the doldrums set in. 

You’re probably questioning whether you should have started the blog in the first place, since you burned through all your passionate topics quickly. But that’s not the case; you just don’t know what to blog about. “All those topics” you thought of at the beginning are all gone—or you saw someone else do it better and you were discouraged. You’re not alone. Two-thirds of all B2B blogs don’t survive past the first three months.

Power through. You know the power of blogging. You know that from a marketing point of view, blogging is the best way to generate fresh content. And all is not lost. If you just can’t think of what to write, I have some tips to help inspire you for your next post. (Also if you're just bad at writing in general, read this.)

1.    Read the news

No matter what your industry, you may find something new just by reading the news. Don’t be scared to blog about your opinions on current events (although maybe steer clear of politics, right?) or new findings or information. Or the news can also be a source of inspiration. Maybe you’ll see someone doing something wrong that will remind you of ways you can share with your readers to do it right. And I’m a firm believer that no knowledge is a waste, so the better informed you are the better of a blogger you’ll be.

2.    Check your calendar

 See what holidays are coming up—or seasons. Maybe you can craft a seasonal, timely piece. Sure, the rest of your site should be evergreen content, meaning you shouldn’t have to change it frequently, but your blog is where you can write pieces that are only relevant at a particular time or season. Fall is coming! Think about what that means for your business or for your customers and write accordingly.

3.    Get personal

Yes, I maintain that your content should never be solely focused on your company, and I hope your blogs are helpful and informative. But it also doesn’t hurt to talk about yourself occasionally. Company updates, company news, employee profiles—all are good ideas for blogs and can help show a off your company’s personality. And reading more personal posts strengthens ties between you and your clients.

4.    Solve a problem

Understanding your audience means understanding their needs—and what they need help in. Solving a problem for your customers while creating fresh content is indispensable. Think about your own business and where your struggles are and then share the ways you get through those. “How-to” posts are some of the most read, and they’re easy for you if you’re an expert in a field.

5.    Go social

Look to others for inspiration. Read other blogs to spark ideas. And don’t devalue social media. See what’s trending on Facebook. Explore the hashtag #blogchat to get writing inspiration from Twitter. Participate in LinkedIn group discussions. You may be able to find guest bloggers through a simple social media search as well. And don’t just look at other writers—see what your customers and clients are talking about as well to help you craft relevant posts.

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