The Spiel On the Tampa Video

The Spiel On the Tampa Video

As you probably know, we recently created a video featuring downtown Tampa. If you still haven’t seen it, here you go.

We had a lot of fun shooting this video, and I wanted to give you a more in-depth look at the video, some behind-the-scenes, if you will. 

The vision

Unlike larger cities like New York or Los Angeles, Tampa doesn’t have many videos that showcase its beauty, and I wanted a chance to do it justice. Tampa truly is the heart of the Bay, as it’s pumping life into many of the surrounding areas, and we cherish all that Downtown has to offer. 

The big and small

Life can be found in a big, overarching picture, it’s true. But it’s also found in the small moments. And the same is true of Tampa. The videos I have seen take only one approach—either aerial or up-close—and we wanted to strive to include both, because while Tampa is its skyline and landmarks like Rivergate Tower, it’s also jogging on Bayshore and splashing in Curtis Hixon Park.

The equipment

If you’re not a video nerd like I am, feel free to skip this section. For the aerial, we used a drone, of course, specifically a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter. For the up-close shots we used a Sony NEX-FS00 professional camcorder. The Sony was probably the most fun, because of the slow-mo feature, although sorting through all the footage grew a little laborious. 

The timing    

Although the Tampa video was in my head for a while and has been in the works for about the last month, we had no idea Tampa Bay Lightning would make it to the playoffs—or to the finals! It just happened that we completed the video the same week the finals started, and it was the perfect time to show some hometown pride. I’m proud to live in such a beautiful city, and having an awesome hockey team is a definite perk.

The end

It’s fun to do projects for ourselves, but we equally enjoy creating client videos. If you have a video you want us to produce, whether it’s dramatic as the Tampa skyline or as detailed as the pedestrian traffic in Hyde Park, just contact us.

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