The Importance of Using the Social Media Story Feature

The Importance of Using the Social Media Story Feature

By now, you’ve heard that your brand needs to tell a story. As consumers and as marketers, we are constantly surrounded by stories that run the gamut from engaging to easy-to-scroll-past. To leave a lasting impression, you need to draw in your consumer and keep them listening, and social media stories play a key role in that engagement.

Using the social media story feature (whether that is on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, or all of the above), is an incredibly important form of marketing for your business. Stories allow us to share more, share consistently, and be more real and in the moment. They offer a different glimpse into your world. You can highlight them and keep them on your Instagram profile. You can keep collections going so people can find what they need right away, without having to scroll down through your feed. There are countless benefits, and we have compiled a few reasons why you should focus more on stories.

Social Media Stories Lend Authenticity

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There is a large difference between a cultivated Instagram post with a photo that a professional took versus a story of a behind-the-scenes meeting taking place. Social media stories give companies a chance to be real and vulnerable with their consumer base, something that is increasingly valued. (In fact, we wrote a blog post about behind-the-scenes photos.)

This background look also lets you showcase your uniqueness as a company. What makes you stand out? How are you different? How do you treat your employees and your consumers? Stories allow you to communicate this in a see-it-to-believe-it manner.

People are Visual

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Visuals are how you communicate your brand story, and social media stories give you a chance to show what you are all about in real time.

If you’re a coffeeshop, go live on Instagram and show a barista making someone a latte. If you do photography, have someone take videos and photos behind the scenes to share with your followers. If you have a product that you have lots of jazzy videos of on your feed, share a story of someone using it in real time.

Let your followers see who you are and what you do — genuine authenticity and a good product will shine.

Keep Your Content in One Place

Stories allow you to keep everything in one place. You can have ongoing series that you highlight and keep at the top of your Instagram, and when watched together, they can form a cohesive story. Behind the scenes, upcoming events, did you knows, products in action — all of these can help your consumers see and understand what you are selling and help them decide if they want to buy in to your brand and your storytelling.

In short, this form of marketing is here to stay. Stories suit us. We are constantly scrolling, watching other people’s lives play out on Instagram while also sharing our own. Take advantage of the eyes you could have watching your social media stories and get sharing.

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