The Case for Twitter

The Case for Twitter

I’ve worked in marketing for seven years now, and I’ve heard a lot of Twitter hate. I don’t mean people hating on Twitter trolls, although yes, those exist. I mean companies and clients complaining about having a Twitter account, claiming they don’t know how to use it, thinking it’s stupid, etc. I admit I was once in the Twitter-hating camp myself but have learned over time to recognize its value and even develop a bit of an affinity for it. So I’m here today to make a case for Twitter and its effectiveness as a marketing tool.

Here are just a few reasons why you should use Twitter to promote your business.

Its customer engagement abilities are unparalleled.

I was live streaming the Super Bowl this year when the stream cut out. I couldn’t get it to work again, and you know what a nail biter most of the game was this year. I wasn’t sure if it was my internet, the streaming service, or user error, so I googled it. Google brought up nothing, so I took to Twitter. Sure enough, I found hundreds of others ranting at CBS for the streaming service problem. Some mentioned that the Spanish stream was working, and I switched over to that. But I went to Twitter for the most up-to-date information, and I got it.


CBS should have tweeted that it was having issues. Should have tweeted a time frame for the streaming service to be working again. CBS should have been the one suggesting the Spanish stream as a temporary fix. Now, your services or products probably aren’t going to be consumed on such a large scale as CBS during the Super Bowl, but Twitter is a real-time tool that allows you to interact with your customers while a situation is happening. It’s fast and efficient. No other social media tool gives you the accessibility to your customers.

It’s good customer research.

Because Twitter is a different social media beast, you’re able to understand a little better what your customers care about. You can see what they’re tweeting about, what they like, what brands they follow. You can learn what matters to them. Learning all this will inform your marketing strategies and maybe even spark some product/offering ideas you hadn’t considered.

It is the ultimate show of transparency.

Claim you are transparent with your customers? Be active on Twitter so they can see that. Other social media sites should be maintained in a professional manner—for example, avoiding posting too frequently or creating a balance of curated content. And while you still need to uphold your brand standards on every social media platform, Twitter is a little looser with the rules. You can post as frequently as you like. You can share a video from a job site that you wouldn’t post on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can participate in silly hashtags like #SundayFunday. In short, Twitter is able to give your customers a behind-the-scenes view they might not typically see. And that’s good, because…

It creates loyal customers.

Did you know 66% of Twitter users have discovered a new small- or medium-sized business on Twitter? Did you know 94% of users plan to make purchases from the businesses they follow? Did you know 69% of tweeters made an actual purchase from a business based on something they saw on Twitter? These stats show that companies who tweet have a leg up on companies that don’t. And only 65% of U.S. companies are currently using Twitter, so you can be ahead of the curve.

If interacting with your customers on social media is one more thing you don’t have time to add to your busy plate, you know we can do that for you. Give us a call to talk about how we can help you leverage Twitter to boost your marketing efforts. 

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