The Case for Sentence Case

The Case for Sentence Case

Chances are you’ve never even thought about whether you should use sentence case or title case on your website headers. That’s what I’m here for. 

The difference between sentence and title case is pretty simple:

This Is Title Case
This is sentence case

Title case is best used for titles (who knew) and has its place. But when it comes to websites, I see title case creeping into headings and bullet points. I’m telling you this practice is bad, bad, bad. Sentence case is the better option, and here’s why.

1.    It’s modern

Using title case is leftover from newspaper publication practices (like “above the fold”). The rest of the world shed title case long ago, and it’s high time for North America to follow suit. 

2.    It’s more human 

Remember you’re writing to humans, and sentence case is closer to how we talk in real life. We don’t use title case in texts, emails, or social media interactions. Title case looks corporate and automatically puts readers on the alert for being sold something. And copy for your site absolutely must sound natural.

3.    It shows what’s truly important

When everything is important, nothing is. Proper nouns are proper for a reason, and using sentence case allows you to distinguish what should truly be capitalized. 

4.    It’s consistent

Title case is inconsistent. Even English nerds disagree on what words should or shouldn’t be capitalized in title case.

Some would say: Waiting For The Cake
But others would say: Waiting for the Cake

And that’s just confusing. Not to mention once you start capitalizing words, where is the line? Soon your copy looks like this:
Come visit us today and Learn how we can Make Your Life Better.

And suddenly, your words no longer carry any validity with your reader. Sentence case is much more consistent and easier to teach and maintain.

5.    It’s more readable

Title Case Is Difficult To Read Because It Breaks The Reading Flow, Making You Stop and Process Every Word.

Sentence case is easier to read because our brains process lowercase letters more often than uppercase, so you have to actually stop and process each word a little longer. Using title case on your website will just make readers frustrated and more likely to bounce.

So do yourself a favor and be more mindful of the words you’re capitalizing in your blogs, webpage copy, and presentations. Your readers will be happier, and so will I.

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