Sunshine and Retweets: Pursuing Positivity

Sunshine and Retweets: Pursuing Positivity

A couple of weeks ago my husband lost his job. My initial reaction was positive—I’m a good Southern girl, after all, and can summon positivity—but as the weeks went by I watched our savings account dwindle as application after application bounced, and my attitude quickly altered. 

When marketing feels futile

Maybe you feel similarly frustrated with your current marketing plan. As a realist, I have to tell you up front that marketing is going to look pretty bleak at times. There will probably be campaigns you run that will not bring in a return. There’ll be a video you create that doesn’t go viral as you expected. It’s not all sunshine and retweets in the marketing world.

And I get it. I really do. We’re a young marketing company, and Tampa brings some tough competition. It’s true there are days we struggle to stay positive with our own marketing efforts. There are months we don’t see the results we expected, even after doing all the right things. But it’s also true that those periods are not an indication of our overall progress.

Grow and learn

We look at the down slopes as learning periods. We learn from what doesn’t work, and we make adjustments that inform our future decisions. We don’t sink into a valley and stay there, we figure out how to get back up. Don’t be afraid of failure. Instead use your inevitable failures to launch successful future campaigns.

Don’t look down

Here’s the thing about pessimism: It makes you miss opportunities. When you are focused on your problems you won’t see the chances that come along to rescue you. That’s why it’s important to have a vision for the future and be constantly looking ahead. Sure, learn from your mistakes, but move on from there to better things. 

Snuff out desperation

No one sets out to achieve mediocrity, and you shouldn’t settle for it. To be in business for yourself you need to be focused, determined, and, most importantly, stubborn. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and don’t accept less than the best. Keep moving upward (ha, our slogan!), pursuing the best.

Keep at it

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My husband is tired of pounding the pavement, and he’s tired of experiencing endless rejection. There are times he wants to sit at home and play video games and pretend like he’s ten again—seriously, want to hire him? Right now it feels like he will never be hired. And I don’t know when he will be. But this I know for sure: He’ll never get a job if he stops putting in applications. 

And you’ll never see results from your marketing if you stop trying. Don’t cut your budget; get smarter with your spending. Keep going. Seek advice from others, adjust your strategies, and be willing to think outside the box. Pursue positivity, and the results will come.

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I'm Autumn Nicholson, Director of Internet Marketing. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and took the first editing job I could find, at a marketing company in South Carolina. I joined Farmore Marketing in 2014 to put my internet marketing experience to good use—and to spend more time on the beach. I invest much of my time volunteering for nonprofits, reading, and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. You can connect with me here:


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