Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Marketers

Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Marketers

In the digital age, how you represent yourself online can make or break your company or business. From Google to Yelp to Facebook, a review can be left almost anywhere online, which is why online reputation management is something you should spend some time learning about. Read on for some tips on how to manage your company’s online persona!

What is Online Reputation Management?

Like we mentioned before, a review of your business isn’t just limited to word or mouth anymore. Thousands of potential clients or customers can see who’s said what about your company just by googling your brand name. But your online reputation isn’t just the search engine reviews. If you’ve ever been active on any social platform (which you definitely should be if you’re trying to grow your business), you’ll have reviews, comments, and people talking about you there as well. Online reputation management is how and when you keep track of all reviews and comments about your business. Hopefully all of the feedback you receive from your consumers is positive, but what can you do about any of the potentially negative reviews?

What’s Your Online Reputation?

First thing’s first: what is your online reputation? Do you have good reviews or bad reviews? Does your business show up on the first page of a Google search? These are all important questions to ask yourself before getting into the actual online management part of things. To better your company’s search results, make sure that you own as many links on the first page of Google as possible. You can do this by setting up accounts on multiple social media platforms and connecting them to your website. Doing this will tell Google that these accounts are the official pages of your business. Of course, maintain activity on social accounts that make sense for your brand, because the less you use an account, the further down on a search it will appear.


In with the Good, Out with the Bad

Positive comments and reviews for your company can be one of the best ways to secure new business. Featuring these reviews on your website and social accounts can show your clients that you appreciate the feedback. But what about the negative reviews? It’s always tough receiving negative feedback from people, especially when those reviews live online forever. There are a few ways to help soften the blows of these reviews though:

Read each review for accuracy

Make sure that a negative review or comment is about something that actually happened and to see if the reviewer has inflated the situation.

Reach out

Contacting the person who wrote a negative comment or article about your company is an easy way to open up dialogue about how you can fix whatever they’re unhappy with. If you do work with them, ask to have the review taken down or updated to reflect your willingness to work with your client base.

Worst case scenario

You’ll have to push those reviews and articles further down search results or social media accounts. The best way to do this is by securing more positive reviews to push the negative ones down. If your business has articles written about it, try to add genuine, relevant links to the positive articles to pull them up high in search results.

Spoof Comments

From time to time, you’ll run into fake reviews that can hurt your business, but aren’t backed by any person or organization. Google will actually let you flag these reviews as spam so you can hopefully get them removed.

One of the best ways to improve your online reputation is by monitoring it frequently, especially when doing something new: putting out new content, opening a new branch, offering new products or services, etc. Just remember to do your best at keeping your cool and acting quickly to resolve any negative feedback.

If you are looking to clean up your online reputation, Farmore has years of experience improving the visibility and image for many companies online! If you want to chat about how to improve your online reputation management, give us a call!

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