Making Sense of Marketing: A 3-Step Marketing Strategy

Making sense of marketing

Too often marketing is misunderstood. Don’t get me wrong, many large corporations have their act together in the marketing aspect, so when I say marketing is misunderstood, that typically only pertains to small businesses. Marketing for small business can be tricky. Money is limited, time is limited, and success is never guaranteed. Because of those issues, marketing often falls by the wayside, and often the “head of marketing” has no real experience or knowledge of marketing practices. The result of this oversight is wasted money on disjointed marketing with no clear plan or results. This result naturally gives business owner(s) a negative view of marketing, incorrectly classifying it as an unnecessary expense.

Marketing isn’t a waste of time, so in order to fix the problem of disjointed marketing, every marketing strategy must follow these basic steps.

Step 1: Plan

In order to start marketing in any business you should have a plan. I grew up doing construction, so I’ll use building as an example. Marketing is like building a house; we have a set amount of lumber and building materials. If we don’t have a blueprint, the chances of ending up with a completed home are nearly non-existent. Similarly, marketing has become complex; there are countless places you can advertise, and companies are coming at you left and right to be the “savior” to your business. Your company has a limited amount of money to spend on your marketing. If you don’t have a plan in place you’ll certainly end up spending a lot of time and money with nothing to show for it.

Step 2: Execute

Once a plan is in place, you have to stick to it. If you say you’ll write a blog post every week, write a blog post every week. You’ve set a budget, and you’ve determined how you’ll spend it. Of course I don’t mean to continue spending money in an area you know isn’t working, but before you commit to spending any money, make sure it fits into your plan. 

Step 3: Measure

It is imperative to not only stick to your plan, but also to track your progress. If you don’t measure the results of your marketing, you’ll never know what effect it has on the business. If you know how your marketing is performing you can justify your marketing budget. 

These steps may sound simple, but many businesses aren’t following this easy standard. Because marketing is how you get business, it should never be put on the shelf and ignored. If you take time to do it right, marketing will have a great impact on your success.

What are some basic tips you would suggest in addition to these?

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