Is Google+ Necessary for Marketing?


When Google first started its own version of social media, Google+, adding people to circles was fun, and building your profile was exciting. Its hype died fairly quickly, perhaps due in part to a fair amount of red tape it initially took to list a business on Google. I’m not here to tell you the site is making a comeback. In fact, I don’t know if Google+ will ever be as popular as Twitter or Instagram. 

But I do believe Google+ is vital from a marketing point of view. 

“But Autumn,” you ask, “Why should I spend time building a profile on Google+ when my audience may not even see it?” The answer is simple: SEO. 

Google reigns over all

It’s no surprise Google would place more emphasis on links shared on Google+ (or +1’d), since the social media platform is its baby. And the recent Hummingbird updates have increased the weight of social media links in rankings. So while you may not see the value in Google+ from a social point of view, considering the number of users, the value it gives from an SEO standpoint is undeniable. 

Denver SES agrees

Last week several speakers at Denver SES spoke on the importance of Google+ in a solid marketing strategy. Merry Morud, Social Advertising Director for aimClear, was notedly outspoken about the necessity of incorporating Google+ into your plans. "Google is going to make social signals from Google Plus so important that they can't be denied," she said. 

Wasn’t Facebook the “future of SEO”?

No. Although I won’t dispute the importance of having a social media presence, Facebook has never been a key factor in SEO, and although Hummingbird may change that somewhat, I still can’t see it ever carrying the weight Google+ does. In fact, researchers predict Facebook will lose 80% of its users in the next 2-3 years. And at this point, Google+ may be a more attractive option with no ads.

Yes, Google+ has faults, and—at least at this point—there aren’t enough end users online to justify its presence as a social media platform, but I believe its value to Google and its search engine visibility makes it a necessity to any internet marketing strategy.

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I'm Autumn Nicholson, Director of Internet Marketing. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and took the first editing job I could find, at a marketing company in South Carolina. I joined Farmore Marketing in 2014 to put my internet marketing experience to good use—and to spend more time on the beach. I spend much of my time volunteering for nonprofits, reading, and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. You can connect with me here:


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