Instagram, Tell Me Your Stories

Instagram, Tell Me Your Stories

As you have heard me say before, social media presents unique ways for companies to reach their audiences directly. But the world of social media is constantly changing. And I don’t just mean newsfeed tweaks that cause your parents to call and ask why you changed “the Facebook.” New features are being added to established platforms to keep users engaged. One of my favorite new features is the Instagram story.

Instagram’s typical platform

Instagram stories

You are familiar with Instagram’s social media platform: visual posts with limited text, no links. You can insert hashtags to search similar posts, tag the location, and tag another Instagram user with the @ symbol. Pretty straightforward.

Instagram stories

But recently Instagram added another feature they call stories. And these stories take visual posts to a whole new level.

You can add text straight onto a photo or video and tag other Instagram accounts.

Instagram stories

You can draw on the photos or video and add stickers and a location.

Instagram stories

You can even add links directly to the photo or video that users swipe up to open.

Instagram stories

The catch

There’s one catch I haven’t mentioned yet. These stories are live for only 24 hours after they’re posted. Stories don’t save to your feed or anywhere. I had to take screenshots of these posts to show them to you. And that’s perfect, especially if you use them to promote events or short-term items.

Using Instagram stories

The possibilities for how you can leverage Instagram stories to promote your company are endless. Use them to give your followers a unique behind-the-scenes look at your operation. Post videos of product production. Give your brand a personality. Promote flash sales, adding direct links to buy items from an online marketplace.  Shout out to partners and vendors. Be serious or not. However you decide to use it, the story is yours to tell—at least for 24 hours.

Telling your stories

Social media platforms are thinking of new and creative ways to reach audiences directly, and marketers have the good fortune to piggyback on their ingenuity. Whether you love or hate social media, Instagram isn’t going away anytime soon. It’s best to embrace the new changes and view them as tools to help you better market your business.

Want to talk to us about what your company can do to leverage Instagram stories? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us here—and we promise this link won’t disappear after 24 hours.

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