Importance of A Brand Video for Your Company

Importance of A Brand Video for Your Company

Great products and services matter, but stories are what connect people with businesses and brands. A brand video is an engaging way to show off an organization’s personality, people, culture, and customers. Video helps humanize a business and is one of the easiest ways to add interactivity to your website. 

Here are a few stats as to why video is so important to your company:

  • People remember 50% more from a video compared to 22% with written content. —Wharton Business

  • Landing pages with professional video generate 4-7x more engagement and response rates. —Search EngineWatch

  • Video in email marketing has been shows to increase email click-through rates by over 96%. —Flimp

  • 52% of consumers feel watching an online product video makes them more confident in their purchase —Internet Retailer

  • Retail sites with video content increase conversion by 46% —Treepodia

  • YouTube is used by 77% of business for sharing content online —

Tell The Story of Your Company

Sea Hawk Paints Premium Yacht Finishes Brand Video (Created by Farmore Marketing)

Storytelling adds a human element to your company. Audiences want to know that there are actual people behind the brands they buy, and how those people are more similar to them than different.

It’s also a great opportunity to talk about the history of your company. Our clients might not care about who founded your organization, what changes have been made over the years, and how your success has grown by telling them this through text. But with the right visuals to accompany a compelling story, you can easily hook your audience and engage them in your company culture.

Increase Brand Recognition

Creating and distributing a professional brand video production made specifically for your business will establish your services in your industry. Unlike a team of reps, a video can tell you what your business does; what benefits you can deliver; and connect with your audience at any time. And when your video is distributed to the right channels and networks, your business’ brand and credibility can only increase.

Decrease Website Bounce Rate

bounce rate

When you add a professional brand video to your site, the quality and quantity of your online traffic can only bet better.

The average online visitor will leave your site in just a couple of seconds if they don’t find anything engaging like a video. This is called bounce rate, and a higher bounce rate means more people who drop by at your site don’t really get your message.

Fortunately, you can greatly reduce your bounce rate and ensure that most of your visitors get the message you’re sending across. While it does depend on the quality and length of your video production, it has been proven that video content holds the attention of site visitors longer especially when compared to text-only content.

Cause a Reaction From the Viewers

Brand videos are the greatest and most effective way to market your product. This is because they can work to evoke emotions. Advertisements can only be effective if the target audience believes what you say. Video evokes emotions so strong that the audiences are compelled to share with their social media audiences – this is what makes it such an effective marketing strategy.

In addition, video increases the connection you have with your customer. When well produced and articulated, video can build customer’s trust, which will earn you a customer for life.   If you can create strong emotion in your viewers, they will become apart of your sales force, helping you to spread the message in places you couldn’t previously reach.

Easy Way to Share Your Company

You want people to be talking about your brand, and the best way to encourage this is to produce content that can be shared across every platform from Twitter to email. Videos are one of the easiest types of media to share, and not only are they simple to distribute, they create a high amount of engagement.

Online videos now account for 50% of all mobile traffic, and 92% of mobile video users share the videos they watch with other users. In addition, 68% of all viewers share the videos they have watched, meaning that their friends will see it, and then their friends… and so on. Youtube receives over 1 billion unique users each month, and Facebook is the most common social platform in which viewers share these videos.

At Farmore Marketing, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the expert Tampa video production company.  Our video production skills will take your connection with your brand's audience to a new level.  The quality of our video production is unrivaled, and its caliber reflects the caliber of our company.  Contact us to get started in creating a brand video for your company!

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