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Have you ever watched a commercial and when it was over you asked yourself, "what was that even for?" You just lost 30 seconds of your life! The most amazing part is that someone paid for that! I was in disbelief when I was watching the SuperBowl, not because of the poor performance put on by Peyton and the Broncos, but by the commercials. This is when brands are supposed to pull out the big guns. Some were pretty good, but others..., not so much. If you were to spend $3 million on 30 seconds, I'm sure you would make every second count!

The question is "why does it take spending millions of dollars for us to make every second count?" Many times smaller businesses who pay $60+ for a spot and $1,000+ on production don't seem to get any point across either. It is amazing that people would waste good money trying to save money. I want to say it one time, poor video is worse than no video. If you don't want to spend the money on a quality video, please just save your money. Every dollar counts, and every impression counts. When it comes to video and advertising, don't skimp on the quality. Make a video that actually gets the message across.

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I'm Luke Fortin, CEO of Farmore Marketing. Originally from Turner, Maine,  I achieved my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Clearwater Christian College in 2013. I love the combination of business and art that marketing provides--I believe it's what makes a business unique and successful. 

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