Not a Writer? How to Write Good Blogs Anyway


Writing is second nature for me. I have a Bachelor’s degree in English, so I can hammer out a flawless blog in no time. But not everyone is literary-inclined, thank goodness. The world needs a few people who can math.

For those of you who struggle with writing, creating a blog post can seem a daunting task. You understand the importance of blogging to maintaining a strong content marketing strategy, but when it comes time to write, you pick your nails, play Clash of Clans, or find anything to avoid it. I have some tips to help you break through your fear.


Think about it

A big part of the writing process is thinking through what you want to say. It helps me to jot down my thoughts, even if they don’t seem relevant. Luke uses a whiteboard when he’s thinking. Take a walk if you need to. Research your topic (Facebook doesn’t count as research!). Do whatever helps you logicize your thoughts. 

Just do it

Once you have a good idea of where you’re going, you do have to write actual words, phrases, sentences. Try to write in your own voice, keeping your personality intact. Don’t self-edit! Just get your thoughts out, even if they seem garbled and messy.

Fix it

Read what you’ve written, and feel free to fix errors you find in grammar/spelling/punctuation, rearrange your thoughts, or rewrite sentences. Next, take a look at the length. If you’re between 300-400 words, you’re golden. If you’re over 400, you need to cut more. If you’re under 300, resist the urge to add fluff; think about what else you can say.

Fine tune it

Now is the time to go back through your piece with a fine-toothed comb. Read it out loud. Watch for “very” and pesky adverbs. Use strong verbs. If grammar isn’t your forte, send it to someone who can proofread. Nothing undermines your credibility faster than a grammar faux pas.

Post it

You’re all done! Post your blog to your site’s CMS, make sure it looks beautiful, and celebrate.

I have confidence you can write a stellar blog post. But if you can’t—or don’t have time—or just don’t want to, we can do it for you. After all, I don’t want my English degree to go to waste.

About the Author


I'm Autumn Nicholson, Director of Internet Marketing. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and took the first editing job I could find, at a marketing company in South Carolina. I joined Farmore Marketing in 2014 to put my internet marketing experience to good use—and to spend more time on the beach. I spend much of my time volunteering for nonprofits, reading, and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. You can connect with me here:


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