How to Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool For Your Business

How to Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn isn't just for professionals and job seekers.  We know that millions of professionals use LinkedIn every day to grow their networks and their careers, but did you know you can use LinkedIn to grow your business, too? From making connections to generating leads, and establishing partnerships, LinkedIn makes an invaluable addition to your digital marketing strategy. 

Form Partnerships

Fostering strategic partnerships is a powerful way to grow a business. With the right partner you can refer clients to each other, leverage the power of offering complimentary products or services, and help grow each others businesses.

Finding the right joint venture and alliance partners however can be challenging. So where do you go to find joint venture partners, for instance, if you’re a social media consultant focused on helping chiropractors improve their marketing? Head to LinkedIn!

Sell & Generate Leads

LinkedIn is probably the best network to generate leads. On top of traditional techniques such as mentioning interesting content potential customers can download or driving traffic to relevant sources, LinkedIn offers very personal ways of identifying potential leads, engaging them and turning them into customers. This is done by a good combination of listening, analyzing, participating, sharing, networking and responding. Networking with potential clients and marketing to them indirectly through LinkedIn will increase the opportunity to make sales.

Establish Your Influence

Several LinkedIn features allow you to position your company as a leader in your particular marketplace. From providing high-quality content, improving your company's profile and participating in LinkedIn communities to answering questions: the network is a ground for thoughts, aiming to become trusted advisors. Leadership and reputation go hand in hand with influence. As the main purpose of LinkedIn is networking, it also enables you to identify and engage other influencers.

Place to Connect with Others in Your Field

LinkedIn groups are platforms for connecting with others in your field and starting relevant discussions. Under the Interests tab on the site, click Groups, and you’ll see a list of recommended groups that fit your business.

Within the group you join, you’re able to post discussions and participate in other users’ threads. You can also see who the top contributors are and whether or not any of your contacts are also members.

Increase Reach with Sponsored Updates

Another popular LinkedIn marketing tip that marketers use on LinkedIn is to sponsor their updates. For small businesses, though, it is not very practical to sponsor every small update, as it is going to cost you too much. So, what you can do is strategically pick your important updates.

With LinkedIn ads you have powerful targeting opportunities for selecting your target audience. You can target by selecting job title, function, industry and company size, seniority, age, gender and many other useful options.

Look for Prospective Employees


LinkedIn has become the primary hiring tool for many companies. Searching the member database gives businesses the opportunity to make highly targeted searches. It even allows businesses to recruit people currently employed by competitors.

LinkedIn members provide detailed information about themselves and their experience. Profiles are often as detailed as resumes. If your company is looking for someone with specific education, work history and experience, you can find them quickly and effectively on LinkedIn.

When looking at a company profile, you not only get the full list of all employees who have LinkedIn accounts, you also get access to their biographical information.


LinkedIn is a very powerful platform for growing the reach of your business and attracting new clients or customers. It also presents a terrific opportunity to stay top of mind with employees, customers, vendors, partners and industry influencers.

The time to launch your LinkedIn company marketing strategy is now, and a comprehensive approach helps you maximize the business benefits.  Contact Farmore Marketing if you have any questions to plan out your company's LinkedIn strategy.

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