How to Sell to Customers on Social Media: A Step by Step Process

How to Sell to Customers on Social Media:
A Step by Step Process

In the new age of marketing and sales, a major part of the process takes place through selling on social media. Marketers are moving to social media to generate leads because the old methods of selling are usually a longer process and require more effort to acquire qualifying leads.

Your brand has an endless opportunity to reach more distinct and curated audiences with social media. However, without a plan to actually sell to your customers, what is the point of your social strategy? At what point of the marketing funnel do your followers move to your product/service pages?

Two biggest problems about selling to customers on Social Media

  • Post content, use a cool app, be social and you’ll get new customers.

  • “Throw stuff up on social media and see what happens” approach doesn’t work.

Novice vs. Strategic, Effective Marketers

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Let's now draw the parallel for novice marketers to strategic, effective marketers. Novice marketers post irrelevant content such as “Top ten reasons why you should wake up before 6:30 a.m.” Or they may talk about themselves. “Hey everyone I'm so excited about my new blog. Click here to find out more.”

Contrast that with the strategic effect of marketer. They provide answers to questions and target customers are asking for. They solve x-y-z problems and they also point out hidden challenges that the target customer is facing. The underlying approach is “Here are the answers to your questions. Now there you have an idea of what you're up against. Let me solve the problems and be the one to get you the benefits that you want.”

How to Sell to Your Customers on Social Media with a Strategic, Effective Concept

  • Add value.

  • Draw your customer’s attention to the problem they are experiencing.

  • Position yourself as the problem solver.

  • Invite pursuit.

How To Implement Selling to Your Customers on Social Media

In this article, we will be focusing on selling on these three specific social media channels:

  • Reddit/Niche Forums

  • Facebook Groups

  • YouTube


How to Use Reddit and Discussion Boards to Sell to Your Customers on Social Media

Now if you don't know anything about Reddit already, it's basically the world's biggest online discussion board. Specifically we're going to be looking at the step by steps on how to use these discussion boards to attract clients and in a way that isn’t pushy or obnoxious. People jump online and they post these links to their website to their blogs saying things like “Hey everyone come check out my website,” and it just seems really brash and annoying.

Reddit Process to Follow to Attract New Customers

  • Find relevant Sub-Reddits or niche forums.

  • Learn about the popular type of content in the niche forums (news, how-to guides, case studies, etc.).

  • Post content that adds value, addresses problem of target customer, positions yourself as the problem solver.

  • Open yourself up for questions.

  • Receive inquiries that come through comment section or inbox and follow up with an email.

You want to provide legitimate value and actually help people. You want to solve existing problems people have and show your expertise. This is the key to motivate people into contacting you. And this is the trust building process. It’s very important for you to add value up front.

Keep in mind when using these Reddit selling tactics:

  • Watch out for moderators and you want to read through the rules and you want to abide by the platform rules.

    • For example on Reddit you are not encouraged to post bare links which is just that you are out to a website and typically people don't like self-promotion.

  • Focus on providing value to the community and the best way to do this is through answering popular questions.

  • PRO TIP: If the post doesn't gain traction then you might want to remove it and post it into a different forum at a different time.

  • These concepts are applicable for all online bulletin/discussion boards.


How to Use Niche Facebook Groups to Sell to Your Customers on Social Media

There lots of ways to use Facebook groups for business. They serve to strengthen communication, connections and visibility, as well as help you grow your business. Groups also help you develop new ideas and relationships with your online community. It’s valuable to know how Facebook groups can help your business so utilize them to their full potential.

In this section, we will discuss the Facebook process on how to sell to potential customers using tactics that aren’t the typical saturated tactics such as how to get ‘likes’ for your page, posting lots of content with images, boosting posts (paid advertisements), or adding people to your friends list and direct messaging them.

Facebook Group Process to Follow to Attract New Customers

  • Find private Facebook groups of target audience.

  • Introduce yourself, engage in discussions through answering questions.

  • Create content addressing popular problems and provide solutions.

  • Open yourself up to questions.

  • Rinse, repeat, receive messages and follow-up with offer. 

So why does this work? Well the target customers see your helpful content addressing the problems that they're experiencing and they realize that you are the problem solver. And from there they contact you for more help they need more help and then they sign up for your service.

Tips for Maximizing Selling on Facebook Results

  • Repurpose popular posts to other related groups.

  • Do research on the three to five niche Facebook groups that your target customers are hanging out in and join these groups.

  • Introduce yourself and set a commitment to post once per day.

    • In each one of these groups you don't have to post anything extensive, but become seen as someone who is active within the community.

youtube logo

How to Use YouTube to Sell to Your Customers on Social Media

Myths About YouTube

  • Myth #1 – You need a large following to gain attention on YouTube.

Here's the fact there are two different type of YouTube channels. There are the “Entertainment” channels and the “How To” channels and they are completely different. It's the difference between entertainment versus function. For you to succeed with these “How To” niches you actually want targeted attention.

In other words you're not going to be creating videos for everyone and you do not need a huge following to succeed in creating income.

  • Myth #2 - Money comes from advertising on videos.

It's true that you can make money through advertising for that niche “How To” channels that is not going to be how you monetize. Here's the fact you earn about a thousand dollars per 1 million views.

So if you add that up you actually need a lot of views for you to make any money.

So for these “How To” channels the money is made through coaching and product sales.

  • Myth #3 – It’s too late to get onto YouTube and create a channel.

But here's the fact YouTube is actually quite different from Google nowadays.

When you start a new website it's very unlikely for your new website and your new website pages to get ranked on first page of Google. However, if you post a new video starting today and did a little bit of promotion then it is very likely for you to get ranked on first page on YouTube. 

Here's another thing to note. Quality content rises up over time so if you put out a piece of content that's really high in quality, it would rise above the rankings of the previous videos and stick to the top. Now the opposite is true as well. If you put out low quality content then it would sink to the bottom and it would basically disappear. 

Common Mistakes Made on YouTube  

  •  Mistake #1 – Self-focused content

Many people go onto YouTube and they think they're going to start to build this following by talking about whatever they want to talk about. You want to shift your focus from your current strategy to creating content that is being searched for by your target market.

People search for “How To” videos on YouTube. So if you create new videos over your topic then you are likely to become discovered.

  • Mistake #2 – Quantity over quality

You want to create content that is high in quality because high quality content rises to the top and low quality content gets buried.

So 3-5 high quality videos can actually build your entire channel.  

  • Mistake #3 – Waiting to get better equipment

Don't worry too much about getting a great camera because when someone's looking to solve their own problems they're not going to be caring too much about the high definition of the video or any of that stuff. And if you want to upgrade then focus on the sound quality first because that is the 80/20 of video production.

YouTube Process to Follow to Attract New Customers 

  • Identify content that your target market is searching for.

  • Create content over topics and provide answer to problems.

  • Provide call-to-action for getting more help.

  • Use other online platforms to promote videos (optional).

  • Receive inquiries through e-mail, follow-up with details.

  • Rinse and repeat. 

how to make effective youtube videos

If you haven’t read our comprehensive blog article, How to Make Effective YouTube Videos, we would suggest referring to that piece of content for a more in depth look at how to structure your YouTube videos. For the sake of this article, we will explain the main points of creating engaging YouTube videos.

  • Benefit rich title.

  • Restate and elaborate on benefits and identify the problem.

  • Teach a lesson, provide content and position self as problem solver.

  • Give call-to-action for contacting.

Three Types of Value-Adding Videos

  • Concept without tactics (Insightful but not useable)

  • Tactics without concept

  • Complete advice

YouTube is one of the best ways for you to create a long-term sustainable business and create a stream of inbound clients. Especially if you are looking to jump start your online presence, it's one of the most powerful ways for you to build your business. If you ask around most people who are actually really intimidated by this video creation process and that means more opportunities for your business. We all still have a chance of building a channel with quality content.

To wrap it all up, selling your services on these social media channels is a process. Do not expect overnight results just from posting content and hoping that it will take off. Using the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to reach and engage with potential new customers on Reddit, Facebook and YouTube! What other specific selling techniques have you found effective on social media? Let us know in the comments!


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