How to Optimize Your Thank You Pages

Have you looked at your thank you pages recently? If not you should. Most companies aren't fully utilizing them the way they should. A thank you page is more than just a way to be grateful for the customer’s business or a lead downloading an offer.

On a thank you page, you are trying to get that customer or lead to stay immersed in your company. The page should help drive the lead down the sales funnel.  Many thank you pages are too cluttered, while others don't have enough on them.  Here are some tips to guide you in finding the right content for your thank you page.

Tips to Optimize Your Thank You Pages

Include an Offer

This might sound a little cliché, but it can be something that's easily forgotten. When the lead gets to the page, its vital that they receive the correct offer or information from the form they filled out. They didn't just give you their information for free. They are expecting something in return. 

Give Clear Directions

The person viewing your thank you page should be able to find the offer they are receiving.  One of the easiest ways to make sure people can see the offer is have a big call to action button.  It doesn't have to be flashy or blinking. Make it stand out and easy to find.

If you have the customer searching for it, they are going to get extremely frustrated. This might turn some people away because they don't believe that it is worth the hassle.

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Create Content About the Offer

The page should include instructions on what the person is receiving. On some call-to-actions it can say one thing and when the consumer reaches the landing page it says another. Don't confuse your visitors.

Some consumers will fill out the landing page without looking at what they are actually getting. For the thank you page it can't hurt to put a few words on what they have acquired. Some people won't click the link to the offer if they don't know exactly what that link leads too.

Keep it Simple

I know that I am giving all this advice on how to beef up the page and that you should add this and that too it, but don't make it to complicated.

When I say give content about the offer, what I mean is if the person is downloading an owner’s manual, don't summarize the manual in that section. Just make sure the person knows exactly what they are getting when they click the link. Provide the name of the offer.

Include Smart CTA's

Smart CTA's can be a great way to get the consumer to move on to the next step in the process. If they're downloading a manual about brand guides, you might want to consider placing smart CTAs on the thank you page that shows them something similar to the offer they just received. 

This way you are keeping the person engaged in your company. You are trying to continually educate the lead so they continue to make their way down the sales funnel.

Send a Thank You Email

Send a thank you email to make sure that they got their offer and there were not any problems. Consider grouping your contact lists, so you can send additional content and offers to those that downloaded a certain offer. This will also make your thank you email more personalized.

By segmenting your email lists your are giving off that "hand written" feel to the consumer. Hubspot said that that they took 21 of their existing thank-you emails and found that, on average, they generated a 42% open rate and a 14% CTR.  That just shows how much of an impact personalized emails have on your marketing strategy.

Opportunity for Social Sharing 

On the page somewhere have social media links where they can share what they just received. If they loved the offer, they're going to want the opportunity to share it with their connections. Make sure that the link they're sharing brings the person to the offer and not the thank you page. Otherwise the person would be getting the offer without filling out the information. You want to capture their information after all. 

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Thank you pages are more than just a courtesy page or email from your company. They are a way to keep people involved and actively engaging with your company.  Please pay attention to what your company has posted on their thank you page and adjust accordingly.  We have provided a few tips to make your pages more effective, we hope you take into consideration our suggestions!

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