How to Leverage Social Media Advertising

How to Leverage Social Media Advertising

People spend a lot of time on social media. According to Ipsos, social media browsing, connecting, and content reading takes up about 3 HOURS PER DAY. That certainly means your business should have a social media and content marketing strategy. With these plans in place, you’re gearing yourself up to be seen by customers and keep them interested in what you’re saying.

Using social media advertising to drive engagement

In the early days of social media platforms, these paid ads seemed forced and irrelevant (like advertisements for things you weren’t interested in).

Over the last few years, the integration of paid and organic content has become a blurred line – with followed-content and ads weaved side-by-side and all ads tailored to the individual’s likes and interests. These ads can now be seen right in the News Feed or as super-relevant side bar ads, which allows the advertising messages you share to be seen by customers actually looking for your products or services.

Now Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are using social advertising to show users relevant ads they might be interested in.

Facebook Advertising


Facebook Ads are designed around objectives, which means the type of ad you run will be based on what you’d like to accomplish. For example, if you’re looking to use Facebook to drive traffic to your website, then you’ll want to select either “Send People to Your Website” or “Increase Conversions on Your Website” as your objective.

With more than 1.49 billion monthly active users, you’ll want to make sure your ads are targeted. Facebook has several different targeting parameters to choose from, such as age, gender, location, purchase behavior, interests and more.

Twitter Advertising


What sets Twitter’s targeting apart from other platforms is the ability to target people by key phrases used in their Tweets. Just upload a list of relevant keywords, and whenever someone uses the keywords in Tweets or interactions, the users will be added to a group of people that will see your advertisement.

LinkedIn Advertising


If you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn is definitely a platform you want to consider for social media advertising. In 2014, 80.33% of B2B leads were through LinkedIn. In comparison, Twitter and Facebook accounted for 12.73% and 6.73% of leads, respectively.

How can you use social advertising to meet your marketing goals?

  • Grow your page likes or followers

  • Share a really great piece of content

  • Share a big piece of company news

  • Promote a new product or strong product launch

  • Increase website views

  • Draw visitors to a specific landing page for website offers

  • Increase your email list

  • Promote an in-store sale

  • Announce a geographic-specific promotion

Create the right ad content

Once you select your audience and their demographics, you’ll want to create the content, social posts, and social ad that speak to them:

  • Write ad copy that addresses your specific audience and their needs.

  • Add a relevant photo that will speak to them and what you’re advertising.

  • If you’ll be linking to an outside site (like your website), design a landing page that addresses the reason the visitor clicked the link.

  • If you’ll be promoting a piece of news or an interesting blog post, make sure this content speaks to your audience’s interests and concerns.

The ROI on social media ads is unbeatable

The average cost per click on Google Adwords is between $1 and $2 and depending on the keyword targeted, you can end up paying $50 or more for a single click. Through targeted boosted post, we’ve been able to send traffic via Facebook and Twitter for as little as $0.12 per click. Why pay ten or twenty times as much for each visit when social media ads make earning that traffic quick and easy?

As your digital marketing partner, Farmore Marketing can help with any step of the process – from defining goals and determining who your audience is, to setting up metrics and creating captivating ads. If you’re ready to create the perfect social ad, give us a call and let's strategize.

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