How to Build Your Brand's Twitter Engagement

How to Build Your Brand's Twitter Engagement

Written by guest blogger, Jennifer Baker. (Author bio and info below)

Have you ever had a commercial that captured your attention? How do they grab your focus amongst all the other noisy commercials? These are brands that have found a way to engage with you, and the ones that make you remember or feel something within a few seconds are the ones that leave an impression.

So imagine you’re the new kid in school and want to make a good first impression. You could wait for your classmates to notice how cool you are and wait for them to come to you, or you can engage people in conversations where they can learn more about you.

With Twitter having over 320 million users on their site, it’s hard to get people to notice you off a simple status. If you want to get people interested in your brand you have to engage with them personally. In my experience, Twitter is one of the best places to connect with your audience.

As a blogger, I’m always looking for ways to connect with my readers and make people aware of my website. Through engaging with people on Twitter, I’ve discovered how vital this medium is to growing your online community. Here are 5 secrets I’ve learned about how to be successful on Twitter.

Authenticity Wins

There are many programs online that can post tweets for you, but people like to talk to people. For my blog I practice use of automated tweets to share articles from my sites or upcoming events. Then I personally tweet about my day or use hashtags that are popular to chat with my followers.

Remember with social media, it’s all about having people engage with you when you tweet rather than the number of followers. This comes from following people who align with your brand, and talking to people. Think of tweeting as what you would say if you were face to face with them.

Pro Tip: A big pet peeve on Twitter is sending out automated tweets that are impersonal. Also, many people do not like auto direct messages because they too are not authentic and take up space in their inbox.

Be Present

A great way to be present on Twitter is by participating in chats. Everyday there are 1-2 hour long twitter chats happening that cover hundreds of topics. By joining conversations that relate to your brand, you are able to meet people and share more about your company authentically.

Plus, you can share your expertise and learn from others at the same time. It’s a fun way to raise brand awareness and network by just talking to people online.

Provide Value

Since Twitter only allows for posts to be 140 characters, you have to make sure your tweets are short and sweet. With this in mind you want to make use of your tweets and give value to your audience. They should show and share relevant information about your brand, while keeping in mind their needs.

A great way to keep your tweets to the point is avoiding filler words. If possible, use symbols, an emoji, or even an abbreviation to help with saving space.

Another great way to add value to your tweets is using hashtags. Make sure they first relate to your brand by researching them beforehand. Also, use only a few of them so your tweet doesn’t appear like spam to your audience.

Pro Tip: When using a call to action, avoid using phrases like “Click Here” or “Read Now” because they don’t give a reason for someone to view the content. Instead use a call to action that tells them why they need to click or what they will get out of visiting the link.

Be Consistent

Building a successful Twitter community online starts with putting forth the effort. This means spending time on Twitter daily to engage with your audience. When you put time into organic engagement you’ll see authentic relationships form amongst your followers.

Twitter guru and host of two social media chats Madayln Sklar suggests that you tweet at least 3 times a day. By sending out tweets consistently, you’re creating an online presence. Also, they know that they can reach you on Twitter which builds brand confidence and a connection.

A creative way to do this is by sharing some behind the scenes pictures or videos of your brand. This way your audience can see you, your workspace, and your team (or pets). When you share these moments, people feel connected to you and it helps to build anticipation for new projects.

Engage Always

On Twitter, the best practice is to treat others the ways you would like to be treated. That means that if someone tweets you, be sure to reply back. It’s always good to acknowledge their comments and reply back as soon as possible. The same goes for when someone mentions your brand in a tweet, replying or liking their comment has the same effect.

Another way to do this is by sending out personalized tweets to new followers. This can be used to thank them for following you and allow future engagement. You can make it personal by looking at their bio or recent tweets for something to ask or acknowledge. For instance, if they post an article you find interesting, mention how you enjoyed it.


There are people who believe that Twitter is great for posting status updates or letting people know about what’s new with your brand. However, when you know the ropes

Twitter can be about engaging your audience to build a solid online community. If you’re willing to put forth the effort then you can naturally raise brand awareness.

Try these tactics out next time you’re on Twitter and watch how the conversations will trickling in. Do you know some ways to promote engagement on Twitter? Share them with us!


About the Author

Guest Blogger: Jennifer Baker


A native of Dallas, Texas Jennifer graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in 2009. In college she studied Mass Communications and English. During her collegiate career she wrote for the school newspaper and has published several articles with one of her articles making the front page of the newspaper.

In her year of college Jennifer’s studies lead her to develop a love for blogging and social media. She created her first blog that was based on entertainment news, but after felt a need to write about something more meaningful. After praying for inspiration and guidance, the idea to create a website geared towards young women turned into Mind of a Diva. Five years later she manages, writes, and continues to expand the reach of her brand.

Aside from working on Mind of a Diva, she’s published articles for magazines and websites across the country. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering at church, watching TV, and shopping.

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