How Custom Photography Can Upgrade Your Online Image

How Custom Photography Can Upgrade Your Online Image

You’ve heard the saying “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” and we’ve talked before about how people can be visual learners. So why do you insist on using stock photos?

Stock photography is cheap, I get it. And if you can’t afford a professional photographer, you may think it’s your only option. But many studies are finding that even non-professional photos are outperforming stock photos. In one study, photos of real people outperformed stock photos, in terms of lead generation, by 95%! In case you need more motivation to use custom photography, here’s how custom photography can upgrade your online image. 

It generates trust.

Like it or not, people can tell the difference between stock photography and real photography. Stock photographs tend to make visitors wary, not sure whether what you’re selling them is genuine. Custom photography, however, has the opposite effect. When your current customers see that you’re portraying an image online that matches up with what they’ve encountered in real life, they’re more likely to keep doing business with you. And potential clients will have more faith in your competence if they’ve seen the real you online. 

Fortin Construction

For example, one of our clients is Fortin Construction, and every photo on their site is of a home that they’ve built. If potential clients saw stock photos on their site, it would make them less inclined, not more, to hire Fortin to build their home because they would doubt whether they had the potential to perform the work they require.

 Salad doesn't make anyone laugh like this.

Salad doesn't make anyone laugh like this.

It makes you approachable.

Unauthentic images can make you seem distant and detached from your client base, no matter what your business is. No one really looks like a stock photo all the time, and your visitors will want to see people who look like them. In B2B markets especially, potential customers have a tendency to shop around, and crossing that line to being a potential service provider to an actual service provider is tough. Have an approachable online image is key to aiding that decision, and custom photography helps create that approachability.

It sets reasonable expectations.

Your customers want to see real people. They want to see your real facilities. They want to know exactly what they’re getting into when they invest their money in your product/service. Seeing photos of the actual staff they’ll encounter and the products they’ll see in real life helps them temper their expectations. And setting reasonable expectations is important because instead of being skeptical of what they’ll encounter, clients become confident in what and who they’ll see when they visit with you.

So don’t give into the temptation of using stock photography on your site or other places online. Having custom photography on your site is a worthwhile investment. Feel free to thank me later.

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