Facebook Split Feeds: It's Time To Adjust Your Strategy

Facebook Split Feeds: It's Time To Adjust Your Strategy

If you have a business that utilizes Facebook, prepare for your worst nightmare: Split feeds.

Facebook has been testing this for months without many people even realizing it. So we're here to help you understand what this means, and how you can combat Facebook's most recent change.

What does ‘Split Feeds’ mean?

With split feeds, Facebook users will have two feeds:

  • One for posts from Facebook friends
  • One for posts from pages they've liked

Users will use a separate feed, called the Explore Feed, to see posts from pages that they’ve liked. This is a big concern for news outlets, too. There’s a fear that the only way people will see shared news stories is if they’re paid/boosted.

This means that boosting your posts are going to become a bigger and more important tactic. It won’t be cheap either; we're talking $100+ for a sizable reach. It also means having a lot of hope in your audience, that they will take the time to look at their Explore Feed. You're also going to want to keep your fingers crossed that your posts are still seen. Even on the Explore Feed, you’re still competing with the other pages a user has liked.

This has already started to affect web traffic and organic reach. Reach was reported to have already dropped by two-thirds. With more testing still being performed, we don’t even really know just how drastic this change will impact business pages. 

This does not necessarily mean stop all of your Facebook marketing strategies, but it does mean it’s time to try some new things.


Personal engagement is key. People want to talk to people. With split feeds, your audience is going to be limited to people who actually take the time to look at your pages and people who go to the feed dedicated to pages they’ve liked.

Join groups and participate in them. Here at Farmore, we’re currently testing how much Facebook group engagement can benefit your business page, and with this new update these groups are going to be paramount in terms of building relationships and networks.

If you've ever doubted the concept of showing personality through your business' social channels, this is the time to let go, and show people who you are. Be relatable and think like your audience.


Use visuals. Videos, photos, graphics, animations, gifs, the list goes on. There are tons of free, online tools you can use for all of these forms of media if you don’t have the available team to create these things.

For photos, you could use Unsplash. The photos are free to use, no credit required (though it is encouraged to at least do a shout out on Twitter, or maybe link the photo to their photographer page on Unsplash if you’re using the photo in a blog).

For graphics, you could use Canva. It allows for uploads as well so you can include your logo so that your branding is consistent. There are even pre-built templates and sizes for all your social media and digital marketing needs.


Pay attention to your messaging. Be authentic, and don't sound desperate or too sales-y. Remember, people now have to take an extra step just to see posts from pages like yours, make sure you’re not one to make them never make that decision again.

Other Social Channels

Now, hopefully this isn’t scaring you into thinking Facebook is a lost cause for business pages, but this may be a sign that it’s time to expand your marketing strategies on other channels. To see a bit more about each platform, check out our blog about choosing the right ones for your business.

If you’re worried about how your business page will perform, give us a call and let’s get together to discuss unique ways we can make your posts stand out.



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