Email Marketing: The Mobile Challenge

As you know, Apple recently announced not only its new iPhone but also its new watch. Even outside Apple, mobile devices are becoming more prominent in our lives. And who can blame us? Not being chained to your desk is appealing. But practically speaking, as marketers who see this trend toward mobile, shouldn’t that change how we approach email marketing?


Sure, it’s possible everyone on your email list is opening your emails on a desktop computer—and you should be able to check those stats with your email marketing service provider—but not likely. A recent study from Movable Ink shows that 66% of users are opening emails on mobile devices. So how should we adjust our email marketing strategies to be more mobile friendly?

1. Adjust your content

Start strong
Think how easy Apple’s mail app makes it to delete emails. I often delete emails without ever opening them, just by swiping left. That decision is made based first on the subject then on the first blurb I read. Make sure your subject—and your first couple of sentences—are attention grabbing and solid.

Get to the point
Be concise. Make your content easy to skim, either with bullet points or scannable headings. Remember, if your readers are mobile, they may be in between meetings or in meetings or not at work. Don’t waste time getting your message across.

2. Adjust your visual appeal

Preview mobile layout
How long does the email look when you preview it on the mobile device? Is it still easy to skim? Check any graphics you have. Do they take up the entire screen? Do they add to your message or detract from it? Make notes while you preview your mobile layout.

Make the change
Don’t be afraid to adjust email elements to fit both desktop and mobile layouts. Make buttons or links easy to click. Adjust your paragraph sizes so they are easily digestible. Resize graphics if needed. 

If all this sounds overwhelming, you may need to change your email marketing service provider. Contact us for recommendations on providers or other email marketing advice. We’d love to hear from you.

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