Email Marketing Mistakes Straight From My Inbox

Email Marketing Mistakes Straight from My Inbox

Email marketing is important with its ridiculously high ROI. And it’s absolutely vital as a part of a holistic digital marketing strategy. But so many companies and organizations are doing it wrong. Here are some examples I found in my inbox today. 

1.    The no-call-to-action email

Every email you send should have a call to action (CTA), meaning the action you want your email readers to perform upon reading your email. Should the reader click to sign up? Should they visit your website? Should they browse your sale? No matter what the CTA is, it needs to be clear. This is the entire email I received today from GroopDealz, and I have no idea what its point is.

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You should have only one CTA. This email from PureWOW has too many links for me to click. When presented with several options, people typically choose nothing. I am not likely to click anything in this email also because it seems a little spammy.

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2.    The no-link-to-click email

So you have a CTA, but how am I supposed to get there. You can see in this email from NeilMed that their CTA is to use their coupon code at checkout. But the only link to their site is found in tiny text at the bottom. If you don’t make it easy, people won’t do it.

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3.    The rambling email

This email from Lumosity is so long I couldn’t even screenshot the entire thing. Probably great content, but I don’t know because I didn’t read it. Keep your emails concise and to the point.

Email marketing mistakes.jpg

4.    The do-you-even-know-me email

Send emails that are relevant to your readers. You seem spammy if you don’t even know who they are, what they like, and what their needs are. I don’t own a dog. I’ve never bought dog food. I never search for dog-related things, and I wouldn’t have signed up with this company.

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5.    The poorly-designed email

Visual appeal is everything. No one will read your emails if they don’t your reader’s attention immediately—with both copy and design. I got this email from Sticky Fingers and didn’t know where to look. The different font sizes aren’t cute, just confusing.  

email marketing mistakes.jpg

Come on, marketers. We can do better. Join with me to eradicate these bad practices from our email marketing campaigns. And let’s make my inbox a much happier place.

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