Elements of a Good Video

Elements of a Good Video

What makes a video “good”?

At Farmore Marketing, we know good videos. I spend a good portion of my days creating and critiquing videos, and we have shot videos for a variety of industries. We do our best to create customized work, so no two videos look the same. That said, there are a few things we absolutely must see in every video we create. The elements of a good video are as follows.

Correct tone and pace

Nailing the right tone and pace is probably the most important element of a good video, and it’s one that requires a thorough understanding of company culture. The video should be an accurate representation of the company’s branding, and the tone should match the video’s purpose. 

Stimulating shot styles

Again, the shot style should match the video’s underlying purpose. If you’re creating a testimonial video, for example, the shot style would be different from a product demonstration. No matter what the purpose is, though, the shot style must be visually stimulating (aka not boring me). 

Clean animations and transitions

If there’s any animation in a video, I always check to make sure the lines are clean. The same goes for transitions. Seamless animations and transitions distinguish a professional video from an amateur one. 

The right music

I can’t stress enough how important music is to a video. It affects the tone and sets the timing. I’ve seen great videos that were ruined with the wrong music. It’s absolutely vital that the music matches the video’s tone and purpose. 

Flowing storyline

Identifying how the video flows shows whether the producer did his or her work on the backend by setting goals for the video. 

High quality sound

This element isn’t as applicable if your video has no sound other than the background music. But if you do have sound, it needs to be high quality, with no distracting background noises, like cars honking or someone laughing off set. Good video producers have the ability to edit these out—and will if they’re worth their salt.

All these characteristics distinguish the “good” videos from the crappy ones. Whether it’s with us or with a different video marketer, make sure you’re getting a good deal by checking for each of these good video elements when you’re screening a prospective video marketer.

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