Creating Videos for Business: 3 Tips


At Farmore Marketing, we create spectacular videos. We believe in video’s effectiveness and its marketing power to promote your business.

But we also realize not everyone has the budget to invest in professional video right now. Especially if your business is small or a startup, you may have other expenses that need your immediate attention.

Fortunately, all is not lost. You can still use videos to promote your business or product. There are several apps that allow you to create great videos straight from your smartphone. In fact, just last month Directr joined forces with Google and YouTube, making it easy—and free—for you to create videos for your business perfect for social media or a blog. Directr provides “storyboards” that make it easy create different kinds of videos, like product-centric clips or testimonials.

Although your video is homemade you still want your brand to look professional, so here are a few things to keep in mind when creating videos for your business.

1. Make a plan

Consider what you want the purpose of your video to be. Is it for a specific blog post? Is it a testimonial you’ll share on social media? Answering specific questions about what you want and where you’ll to share it will help guide you when creating videos for your business. The answers may dictate length, style, and tone. If speaking is involved, make sure the person speaking has a script and that the theme of the video is clear. Creating a video without planning first is like shooting a basketball backwards and blindfolded. Your odds of haphazardly creating something great are not high.

2. Add visual appeal

No one wants to watch a video that doesn’t hold his or her interest. While planning goes a long way, remember that video is an art, and visual appeal is at least 50% of what it takes to create good videos for business. Use animation or special effects and edit, edit, edit. Remember in order to make your video effective, you have to create something others will want to watch and not something that will put them to sleep.

3. Keep it short

Chances are, a 20-minute video is probably not the best option for your business. Keeping things short, simple, and effective is the best policy every time. Get straight to the point. Both planning and editing can help with this step and keep you on track for your video goals.

Video is so important that it’s crucial to any marketing strategy to include it. Just make sure when you’re creating your own videos for business that you follow these steps to make your videos effective and worthwhile.

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I'm Autumn Nicholson, Director of Internet Marketing. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English and took the first editing job I could find, at a marketing company in South Carolina. I joined Farmore Marketing in 2014 to put my internet marketing experience to good use—and to spend more time on the beach. I spend much of my time volunteering for nonprofits, reading, and binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. You can connect with me here:


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