Why We Combine PPC and SEO

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Some might think it’s contradictory that we offer both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services at Farmore. Other marketing companies typically offer one or the other, choosing to go down only one path. But at Farmore not only do we offer both services, we recommend both. In truth, we think they work best as a package deal.

Balancing keyword strategy

SEO is free, so there’s no reason to not have it on your site. As the internet becomes increasingly more pay-to-play, not taking advantage of what is still free is inexcusable. But SEO can still be a finicky mistress. It takes about three months after implementation to start gaining traction on your SEO strategy. And organic keyword rankings are arbitrary, differing from person to person based on location, age, gender, past search history, etc.  

PPC is much more consistent than SEO; once you have a plan in place that works your results are steady, and you never have to guess where you show up in the rankings. Also you don’t have to wait to start seeing results with PPC, as it goes into effect instantly. Then again, PPC is going to cost you. Of course you can set a budget and control how much you’re spending, but you do have to pay to get to the top

Fortunately, utilizing both helps them balance each other out and can even be more profitable than just focusing on one or the other. Here are some reasons why.

Gaining dual visibility

When you employ both SEO and PPC, you can actually show up in search engines more than once—with both your paid ad and your organic listing. Having dual visibility establishes you as an authority. If Google is recognizing you twice you must be the obvious choice. It also means you’ll receive higher click-through-rates on your listings. 

Expanding keyword list

Having both options expands your keyword list. Now you can target high value keywords. What you’re not ranking for in SEO you can target in PPC. And what you can’t afford in PPC you can target with SEO. 

Sharing data

Combining SEO and PPC allows you to share the keyword data. With Google’s recent updates, typically organic keywords show up as “not provided.” But you can get more keyword data from PPC campaigns. This data is incredibly helpful if you want to test new keywords and can lead to smarter keyword campaigns.

With so many benefits from utilizing both SEO and PPC, we can’t in good conscience let you stick with just one path. We want you to maximize your marketing budget and spend it the best way you possibly can. Contact us to find out how we can help you maximize your website’s potential.

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