Client Testimonials: The Nitty Gritty

Client Testimonials: The Nitty Gritty

The idea of featuring client testimonials on your site isn’t a new one. Are you using testimonials? If so, are you using them the right way? Read on to learn why including testimonials is vital to your business growth and how you can use them to get conversions.

To those of you who aren’t using testimonials…

Make or break

When I’m shopping online for just about anything, the first thing I do is read reviews. If it’s shoes or clothes I’m looking to see what people have to say about the quality and fit. If I’m on the fence about something, simply reading something positive can push me off that fence. Testimonials can make or break a purchase for me, and I’m sure you’re the same way.

Establish trust

You work hard to maintain your reputation, but testimonials do something that nothing else on your site can: They establish trust. Sham companies can make the same claims you do, but they can’t deliver like you can, and testimonials demonstrate that your company is trustworthy. They give social proof that you are who you say you are and that your service or product really is as great as you claim.

Minimize the risks

Testimonials create a shared experience. No one likes to be the guinea pig or the first client. Simply knowing someone else had a similar problem your company helped solve makes a potential buyer part of a community rather than buying a product or service in isolation. Creating a shared experience minimizes the risks associated with trying a new product or service.

To those of you who are using testimonials (and you newly convinced)…

Be specific

“This company is great. Their product is great. Love everything! Highly recommend.” There’s certainly nothing wrong with this rave review, but it doesn’t provide any value to the reader. Don’t waste my time (or yours) on ineffective testimonials. Be as specific as possible. What problem did you solve for this client? What product did he or she buy? What benefits did your company provide that he or she couldn’t have gotten elsewhere? You can’t create a shared experience with your testimonials if your potential buyers can’t relate to anything.

Back up your claims

If you claim to be the best construction company because you deliver on time every time, make sure your client testimonial says you met every deadline and they were able to move in early. If you claim to make birthday cakes that taste better than my mom’s, your testimonials should mention how delicious your buttercream frosting is. 

To those of you who need a little more information about testimonials…

Use them the right way

We’re partial to video testimonials, but written testimonials also get the work done. I highly recommend having at least some testimonials on your conversion page. If your site’s macroconversion is, for example, filling out a contact form, folks may be hesitant to give out their information. Featuring testimonials on this page helps eliminate that risk factor we talked about earlier. Put some thought into where is the best place to feature your testimonials.

Do the right thing

It’s okay to ask for testimonials from recent clients. It’s okay to ask if your clients will speak about specifics. It’s not okay to ask for testimonials from clients who haven’t interacted with your company in several years. It’s also not cool to tell them what to say or to edit or cut (or—God forbid—fabricate) their testimony. And by “not cool” I mean illegal. Do the right thing with your testimonials and keep everyone happy and legal.

Just ask us

We’ve made several testimonial videos not just for us but for clients as well. We’d love to help you make some fantastic testimonials that will work to convert your visitors into clients.

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