Building Relationships

With consumers having so many options in the marketplace, it's important to create relationships. Creating trust between consumer and brand is vital to thriving businesses. Successful brands have the ability to charge more for a product or service because they have built trust with their consumers.

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There are so many benefits associated with building relationships. From a business perspective one important reason to develop relationships is to create brand ambassadors. People depend on their friends and family for opinions and advice. When you build a positive relationship with one person, you're potentially obtaining several referrals. However, creating a negative relationship can cause you to lose substantial business. In fact, studies show that 95% of people who had a bad experience will share it with someone, and only 87% will share a good experience.

Every business owner wants to facilitate a positive consumer experience and therefore grow the relationship. The first step to doing this is having a quality first impression.  Many times your first impression will be made by your website or an ad. The question is, "What kind of first impression are you making?" 

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I'm Luke Fortin, CEO of Farmore Marketing. Originally from Turner, Maine,  I achieved my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Clearwater Christian College in 2013. I love the combination of business and art that marketing provides--I believe it's what makes a business unique and successful. 

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