Body Armor Takes Aim at Sports Drink King, Gatorade, In New Advertising

Body Armor Takes Aim at Sports Drink King, Gatorade, In New Advertising

Growing up as a kid I played sports religiously. Every time I was winded or sweating from the summer heat I would drink Gatorade.  It was always promoted as the drink of choice for elite athletes because of its ability to replenish electrolytes and prevent dehydration from sweat.

In recent times, a new sports drink has broken into the market to challenge Gatorade’s dominance; that company is Body Armor. Headed by Vitaminwater co-founder, Mike Repole, and backed by a group of investors that includes NBA star Kobe Bryant. It has gained traction recently with its advertising spots that take shots directly at Gatorade.


The common theme in the brand’s advertising is “outdated”. They portray current athletes using outdated equipment, wearing outdated clothes, etc. The metaphor in all of this is that they are calling Gatorade an “outdated sports drink”. And to top it all off, they even call out Gatorade at the end of the commercials saying, “Thanks Gatorade, we’ll take it from here”.

Even on their Facebook account, they mock Gatorade…

In the past many companies have compared their product to their main competitors, but the difference with this competitor feud is that they actually mention their competitor’s name in the advertising.

Now I have tried Body Armor a few times and, not surprisingly, I find the taste to be quite delicious. While priced a little bit higher than Gatorade, it doesn't have that sugary taste that I get from drinking Gatorade. And with the new advertising spots that have recently come out, it really has me thinking of making a permanent switch to Body Armor.

What do you think of this approach?

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