Bacon and Branding

Ted Bacon

Yesterday I went to the grocery store to buy bacon. I love bacon, but I don’t love the sodium nitrates that come along with it, so I always try to find bacon that doesn’t contain those unnecessary chemicals. Since I can’t really afford to shop at Whole Foods, it can be a challenge to find bacon without sodium nitrates at a regular grocery store. I parked in front of the bacon cooler (yes there’s seriously a cooler full of bacon) and started checking ingredients. This typically tedious task was simplified by Hormel’s packaging. I bought the second package of bacon I picked up, and do you want to know why? 

Ted Bacon 2

Hormel’s bacon packaging was brown, like cardboard. The branding was organic, like the all-natural, no chemicals added bacon I was searching for. The packaging drew me in not because it contained colors I liked but because it was an accurate reflection of its product. I even remarked to my fiancé, “What a fantastic argument for branding.”

But I don’t need to make an argument for branding. You get it. You’ve seen the studies about advertisements and consumers. I don’t think you would dispute an argument for visual appeal being a factor for consumer decisions. For some reason, though, there’s a disconnect when it comes to marketing. 

Maybe this disconnect leads you to hire a friend to design a logo for you on the cheap. Maybe it means you design your own website. (After all, you have an MBA, how difficult can it be?) Maybe it means you DIY everything when it comes to marketing. Marketing is the one place you can’t skimp, because marketing is what means your bacon is picked over all the other bacon.

Ted Bacon 3

Does your website accurately reflect your brand? Does your logo? Does your commercial? I’m not asking whether these things look great (although that should be a factor as well) but whether they correctly mirror your product/service. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional graphic designer who has the ability to understand you and your company to partner with you to make your first impressions matter.

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