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Maintaining Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns can be challenging. No matter where you are in your PPC strategy, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of data, numbers, keywords, and dollar signs and forget the ultimate goal of your campaigns. Right now is the time to go back to PPC basics.


The key concept to keep in mind while examining or setting up your PPC campaigns is Return on Investment (ROI), or the benefit of your investment. In order to make your PPC investment (in both time and money) worthwhile, you need to set some goals and determine their value.

Spell out your goals

Before you even think about setting up a campaign, PPC basics dictate that you define what you want to accomplish. Do you want visitors to navigate to a specific page? What do you consider a “conversion”? Determine what is the ultimate action that will make the money you spend on a click worthwhile. Is it filling out a contact form? Is it a purchase? Whatever your website goals are, spell them out and make sure every step of the PPC setup is made with those goals in mind.

Set the stage

After you’ve set your goals, take a look at your website. Since you’re attempting to drive traffic here, criticize it from a visitors’ point of view. PPC may get visitors to your site, but it’s your job to keep them. Look past the home page and examine your entire site, still circling your established goals. 

What about design?

Is your site clean? Is it well organized? Is it visually appealing? Can visitors navigate easily? Is the functionality perfect? If the answers to any of these questions is no—or even maybe—hire a graphic designer before you spend money on PPC.

What about content?

Is your content (copy, images, video) compelling? Is your copy grammatically correct? Does your content do a cohesive job of telling your company’s story and explaining who you are and what you do? If strong content is not your strong suit, find a content marketer to help.

If your entire site isn’t up to par, your PPC ROI will be low or non-existent, and a campaign will only hurt you. Perhaps you’re just starting a PPC campaign, or maybe you’ve had an Adwords account for years. Either way, take a step back and examine your PPC basics to make your campaigns worthwhile.

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