A Higher Resolution


As the New Year approaches, many are making resolutions, most of which will last less than two weeks. Personal resolutions like losing a few pounds or reading more are certainly commendable, but what resolutions have you made for your business?

At Farmore Marketing, Inc. we have made a resolution to produce higher resolution. Video is the king of content, but only good video will produce the desired results. Make the decision to take the next step in your business this New Year. Reach your customers like never before, with the power of video.

Just a couple quick facts about video.

  • Your website is 50 times more likely to be on the first page of Google if your homepage contains a video
  • If your website has a video your average visit time will be 5 minutes longer
  • If your product has a video promotion or demonstration consumers are 85% more likely to purchase
  • The average internet user watches 186 videos per month

Video is very powerful, but bad video can be harmful. When developing a brand, poor video content can give the impression of a poor company as a whole. This year make the choice to boost your business and build your brand with high quality videos that make an impact on your customers.

About the Author

Luke Fortin

I'm Luke Fortin, CEO of Farmore Marketing. Originally from Turner, Maine,  I achieved my Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Clearwater Christian College in 2013. I love the combination of business and art that marketing provides--I believe it's what makes a business unique and successful. 

You can connect with me here:

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