7 Best Marketing Podcasts

7 Best Marketing Podcasts

Tampa is a 10-hour drive from my family’s home in Georgia. Since I try to be present at as many holidays and events as possible, I do a lot of driving. My husband and I were on what felt like our hundredth trip last year, and we were falling asleep. Music wasn’t working. One of us said, “Hey so I heard about this podcast called Serial… wanna give it a shot?” Instantly, we were hooked.

Listening to podcasts is the best way to spend your time stuck in traffic on Dale Mabry or 275. They’re great for performing rote assignments at work or distracting you during a workout. If you have an iPhone or iPod, the podcast app is automatically loaded. And it turns out there are podcasts for pretty much anything you’re into. (Seriously. I listen to a writing/grammar podcast. My husband listens to an X-men podcast. Yes, we’re nerds.)

And there are a ton of podcasts related to business and marketing. Here are my top 7 recommendations for you.

hack the entrepreneur logo

1.      Hack the Entrepreneur

Jon Nastor hosts this unique podcast and interviews successful entrepreneurs on everything from passive income to marketing and how it impacts their business and life. The fact that Jon covers every aspect of business makes this my top recommendation.

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2.      Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

Hosts Traci Reuter & Dawn Marrs Ortiz provide this 15-minute podcast five days a week. They discuss everything from how social media impacts your website to best practices. And the tips are simple yet well thought out.

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3.      Freakonomics Radio

Author of the best-selling “Freakonomics” books, Stephen J. Dubner, hosts this weekly podcast. It’s a little more fun—presented in a story style—and explores “the hidden side of everything.” Although the podcast doesn’t always apply directly to business principles, it’ll change the way you think—in a good way.

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4.      PNR: This Old Marketing

For a more in-depth marketing approach, don’t miss This Old Marketing from renowned marketing experts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. They rant about trends, discuss new developments, and examine old marketing practices.

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5.      Six Pixels of Separation

Another in-depth marketing podcast, Six Pixels of Separation, hosted by Mitch Joel, explains the nuances of digital marketing and social media. Six Pixels helps you stay afloat in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

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6.      My Wife Quit Her Job

When his wife became pregnant, Stephen Chau started an online store with the intention of making enough money for his wife to stay at home with their new baby. Spoiler: He was successful, and his podcast addresses myths surrounding online businesses and best practices for entrepreneurship.

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7.      Seth Godin’s Startup School

If you’ve been reading our blog for long you know we love Seth Godin, and we couldn’t leave him out. This podcast is a recording of a workshop from 2013 but is still useful and adds value, especially if you’re a business owner.

The beauty of podcasts, being able to listen while also performing other tasks, is especially appealing if your time is precious. But learning more about marketing and business is actually as easy as listening during your commute home every day or while you’re folding laundry. What about you? Do you have favorite podcasts? Which do you recommend?

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