6 Videos You Should Be Making

6 Videos You Should Be Making

 We’ve been saying for a while that video is one of the best ways to promote your company, and now everyone is starting to agree with us. A recent study from Hubspot makes the following statement regarding video production:

“While there has been a lot of focus on millennial behavior, a third of older generations are watching an hour or more of content on YouTube a week. Clearly, watching online video is not just a millennial pastime. People of all ages are consuming video content for significant periods of time today. Marketers who invest in producing quality video content today are best positioned to get the undivided attention of many people online.”

The study shares some impressive statistics on the number of people consuming videos—and those numbers are only growing. Video production is one party you don’t want to be late to. Here are six videos you should be making right now.

1.      Customer testimonial videos

We don’t have to tell you that happy customers are the lifeblood of a business. But why would you want to video your happy customers? There are two main reasons: social proof and problem identification. Before potential customers purchase your products or services, they want to know that other people have had positive experiences—this is social proof.

But seeing happy customers isn’t quite enough. Potential customers want to see results from people who’ve had similar problems as theirs. In your videos, allow customers to tell their story. Genuine storytelling will resonate with potential customers in a way reading words never will. Testimonial videos work because they build trust and demonstrate reliability.

2.      Introductory videos

One of the first videos you should create is an introductory video to your company. And this video should be as polished (or not) as your company is (or isn’t). I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a video partner that understands your company and can create a video that accurately reflects the personality and values of your brand. This video may be the first impression of your company that a potential customer sees, so make it a good one.

3.      Product/service videos

More than likely, your introductory video will touch on what you do. Product videos will take a more in-depth approach to each of your products or services. Maybe what you do is a little complicated; videos are perfect for capturing nuance. Maybe what you do isn’t complicated at all, but videos can also generate some excitement. Start with your most popular product or service offering, and begin a series of product or service videos.

4.      How-to videos

One of our clients, Sea Hawk, makes premium yacht finishes—a niche industry. They’ve created a series of how-to videos on everything from how to select a bottom paint to how to patch holes in a boat hull. Similarly, think of the questions you receive most often and what how-to videos you could make to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry—and to show future customers that you’re a valuable partner.

5.      Behind-the-scenes videos

In this age of Photoshop and digital production, trust is a difficult commodity to earn. Plenty of companies can create polished, beautiful videos that don’t actually show who they are. Behind-the-scenes videos help to show that you are real, genuine, local, human—all the things that, admit it, aren’t always a given these days.

6.      Thank-you videos

Thank-you emails are almost expected these days, but a thank-you video is still pretty new. And these are some of the easiest videos to make! Creating a video to say thank you—for a purchase, a favor, a partnership, for anything—says it in a way that’s unique and memorable.

Take a look at some of our favorite client videos we’ve created, and then contact us to talk about what your next video will be. 

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