6 Online Tools to Boost Your Web Copywriting Game

6 Online Tools to Give Your Web Copywriting a Boost

Web copy matters. 

The words used to describe your own brand (and that of your clients) is the best storytelling tool you can use. While digital media and imagery can be used to illustrate your concept, copywriting is your best digital marketing instrument.

Here are six helpful online tools to grow your copywriting skills and give your written content a boost. 

Adobe InCopy

While Adobe InCopy may be the only word processing software tool on this list, its efficient model and utility certainly make it worth mentioning. With its typewriter font and minimal, 90s-computer interface, InCopy is well designed and easy to use for writing and editing web copy. What separates InCopy from other word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word, Google Docs) is its ability to migrate copy into design software platforms like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator in just one click of a button. Rather than copying and pasting paragraphs, InCopy makes for a seamless transition from first to final draft. 


Copyscape is a free plagiarism detection tool that checks for duplicate content to ensure that your web copy is unique and original. The marketing adage that "there's nothing new under the sun" is no tall tale, and it can be rather easy to think your copywriting efforts are original. However, it is important to double check your copy and verify that it does not read too similarly to previously published content. Whether you're writing a slogan or thousand-word blog post, Copyscape can save you from potential plagiarism--even if it's unintentional. 

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You don't want to worry about editing while you're writing. Online proofreading tools like Grammarly clean up misspellings and grammar errors as you go. This eliminates the need to do a spell check upon completion. Not only does Grammarly correct mishaps as you write, but it also provides a short explanation via a screen pop up to help you understand the corrections it makes. It's a spell check as you go and proofreading tool tied into one. Getting ready to write web copy? Grammarly is your new best friend. 

Un-Suck It 

Let's face the fact: catchy marketing lingo is often beaten to a pulp. Un-Suck It is a website that takes a slightly caustic approach to normalizing overused marketing buzzwords. With a search engine interface design drawing from that of Google, Un-Suck It encourages users to input marketing buzzwords in order to translate them into clearer, more straightforward language. While your colleagues may understand time-saving words and phrases used in the marketing world, it's important to remember that your industry verbiage is not used universally, and readers may appreciate concepts being clearly spelled out rather than shorthanded. 

Content Manager (Raven SEO)

While many online content management tools exist, Raven SEO is a robust content management system that aids in the during and after stages of the copywriting process; once you input your final copy, Raven essentially takes your writing through the grading process and provides you with a readability score before you make your post public. Raven also combs your post for keywords and phrases that will be helpful for a nice search engine boost upon launching your written content.

Google Keyword Planner

Google's Keyword Planner serves primarily as a device for experimenting with keyword campaigns. As a sub-tool under the Google AdWords platform, the Planner dissects keyword success rate and clickability among other things in order to assess the potential boost your post might receive from that keyword. The Planner is a useful tool that offers copywriters a chance to integrate words and phrases into their copy so that their reach is maximized on the web.


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