5 Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers

5 Ways to Grow Your Email Subscribers

You know that email provides a unique platform for you to reach out to your client/customer base and remind them how awesome you are. You know emails can serve as a reminder of special events or help keep your company top of mind when consumers are beginning the buying process. But how can you reach those potential readers when you can’t force them to sign up? (And let’s face it, most of your email subscribers are your mom, who has multiple email addresses because she keeps forgetting her login information.) Here are 5 ways to grow your email subscribers.

1.    Craft great emails

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. The key to growing your email subscribers is to give the people something worth subscribing to. There’s an old proverb that goes something like this:

email quote

Likewise, before you press send, let your emails pass through three gates:

Is it true? 

Marketing gets a bad rap because of the way it takes certain liberties with the truth. “Yes, we said you won free fries, but if you had read the fine print you would see we said with a $20 purchase.” And this generation—who will soon have the majority of the buying power—sees right through advertising. Be straightforward in the way you approach marketing. Be true. 

Is it necessary?

Truth and kindness might seem like no-brainers, but it’s the necessary part that may eviscerate most of your emails. Providing content that’s useful is something we’ve covered before, and it’s worth mentioning again. If you want to gain more subscribers, give them a reason to subscribe: deliver something they need. 

Is it kind?

Of course you wouldn’t insult your potential clients or customers, so this gate might not seem relevant at first. But it is, because this kindness reaches beyond just your customers. How are you treating your competitors? Are you putting them down every chance you get? Be kind in your communications both to and about others—and that means everyone.

2.    Flaunt it a little

More than likely, folks aren’t going to go searching for a way to subscribe to emails from you. Yes, you may have some faithful followers, but you know those are rare. So you are going to need to advertise it a little. A tasteful “Want to subscribe?” pop-up on your website might do the trick. Add an eye-catching button to the bottom of your blog posts. Readers may not know what they’re missing out on if they don’t realize subscribing is an option in the first place. 

3.    Gift something useful

Yes, your email content will be necessary (and true and kind), but future subscribers don’t know that yet. You may want to incentivize them to subscribe by offering something they want. For example, you could offer a free giveaway with an email subscription or a contest entry for something more valuable. People love free things and will do nearly anything for free stuff.

4.    Partner up

Maybe you’re running a contest to gain email subscribers and you’ve promoted it on your website, your blog, and all your social media accounts. But the people you’re reaching probably know who you are and may even already subscribe. So expand your audience by finding a partner organization and asking them to share with their followers.

5.    Be exclusive

All the above points culminate to this last one: Give your emails a “secret club” status. Make sure your subscribers know that they’ll be getting unique, fresh content in their emails, first dibs on new products, or special offers they can’t find anywhere else. Simply put, make it so that email subscribers get exclusive benefits that others don’t, and they’ll be clamoring to sign up.

Now go out and get more email subscribers! And if you want to learn more ways you can step up your marketing strategies and grow your business, subscribe to our newsletter. We promise to give you exclusive access to unique marketing tips and strategies. (See what we did there?)  

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