4 Reasons You Should Make Informational Videos

4 Reasons You Should Make Informational Videos

Maybe what you do isn’t as easy as a quick response. Maybe what you do needs a longer explanation to show its value. Maybe you create products that need tutorials or “how-tos” associated with them. As a writer and editor, I believe in the power of the written word, but I also acknowledge there are times it’s easier—and more effective—to show something being done than to write instructions on how to do it.

Most people understand the importance of having videos on their site to tell a story about their company. But what many of these same people overlook is the value video holds for explaining challenging concepts to their customers. You should consider making informational videos for several reasons.

1.    They’re more digestible

No doubt you’ve heard, as I have, that our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter. A study conducted in 2008 found that web visitors read, on average, 28% of the words on a site. Imagine how that number has dropped now, in 2015, as web content has grown. (Hey! Stop skimming this!)

In stark contrast, the amount of time users will spend watching a video is just over two minutes. Why? Video content is easier to remember and easier to digest.

2.    They reach everyone

Some learners are visual. Some are verbal. Video has the power to do both at once, communicating with viewers both visually and audibly, engaging several senses at once. You don’t have to worry someone will skim your blog post (ahem, I’m talking to you) and miss some key points. Informational videos give you the opportunity to reach everyone where they are.

3.    They’re direct

Face it, when you’re writing you have a tendency to ramble. And over explain. And maybe add some fluff. With video, you have a time limit. You have to compress your message because you can’t waste a word. Video forces you to make your message concise and to the point. 

4.    They show you care

The hallmark of great customer service—and retention—is caring about your customers or clients. You aren’t just going to sell them a product and leave them hanging. Creating informational videos just for them, just to help them understand a difficult concept or procedure, shows them you’re invested for the long haul. 

Here are a couple of informational videos we’ve done for our clients. You can see how it’s significantly more effective to have videos than pamphlets or brochures for their needs.

If you’re interested in learning how we can help you create a stellar informational video for your business or organization, give us a call. We’re happy to help.

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